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Possible meeting between Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump. Ryszard Schnepf: this is a risky step

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This is a risky action, because the election campaign in the United States is in full swing – said Ryszard Schnepf, former Polish ambassador to the US, in “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24. He referred to a possible meeting between President Andrzej Duda and Donald Trump. He said that if it happened, a good task would be to convince the former US president to convince Republican members of the House of Representatives to vote for financial aid for Ukraine.

On Tuesday, President Andrzej Duda set off on a trip to the United States, from where he will then go to Canada. When asked before departure whether he would meet former US President Donald Trump during his visit, he replied that “if possible, because it also depends on the calendar, I will also meet with President Donald Trump socially.” – It is not a new situation for me to meet my friends who held the office of president and with whom I managed Polish affairs in the international arena, Duda said.

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Former Polish ambassador to the US Ryszard Schnepf, referring in “Fakty po Faktach” to the possibility of such a meeting, said that the president makes decisions himself. – I think these are very personal obligations previously undertaken by President Duda towards Donald Trump – he added.

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Schnepf said that “this is a risky action because the election campaign in the United States is in full swing.” As he said, “the chances are 50/50”, so in his opinion, “taking sides is a risky gesture.”

When asked whether he interpreted this as support for Trump in the campaign, the former ambassador said that “meeting the candidate at a time when he is not in office is a form of expressing support.”

The host of the program, Grzegorz Kajdanowicz, quoted the words of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who said that “if Mr. President actually meets with Mr. Trump, we would expect him to very firmly raise the issue of clearly siding with the Western world, democracy, and Europe in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict. “.

– I would just add that if the meeting takes place, maybe a good task would be to convince Donald Trump to convince, and we know that he has overwhelming power in this respect, his Republican members of the House of Representatives to simply vote using financial for Ukraine, said Schnepf.

– It's so simple and I hope that President Andrzej Duda has the power of persuasion and will sort it out right away – he added.

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