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Power engineering. Expert: the increase in electricity prices may be significant

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I expect a significant increase in electricity prices, said Paulina Grądzik, an energy and legislation expert at the Lewiatan Confederation, on TVN24. However, she pointed out that prices would increase compared to the current ones, which are already frozen at the 2022 level.

– If no protective mechanisms are introduced for consumers, this increase may amount to 60, 70 or even more percent – she said. However, she stressed that in her opinion such mechanisms would be introduced.

– This will be necessary because some consumers, especially sensitive electricity consumers, will not be able to cope with energy costs next year – she said.

According to the expert, a collision with unfrozen prices “would be very violent.”

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– This price increase without any protective mechanisms would be very high, so it would result in a price shock not only for recipients, but for the entire economy. Therefore, there will be a need to introduce mechanisms, but these mechanisms should not be introduced without consulting the market, as was the case last time, she said.

The Energy Regulatory Office analyzes tariff applications

The Energy Regulatory Office received tariff applications in this case electricity prices from all the largest so-called ex officio sellers – Agnieszka Głościewska, spokeswoman for the Energy Regulatory Office, told TVN24 Biznes on Tuesday. The deadline in this case was Tuesday, October 31.

As she explained, the applications were submitted by Tauron Głos, Energa Obrót, PGE Obrót and Enea SA. These companies are obliged to submit applications for approval of tariffs for the sale of electricity to households.

Agnieszka Głowniewska also reported that the Energy Regulatory Office also “received tariff applications from four of the five largest distributors: Stoen Operator, Energa Operator, Enea Operator and Tauron Dystrybucja.” – We are waiting for PGE – she added.

The spokeswoman also informed that the Energy Regulatory Office “is starting to analyze these applications.”

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