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Power engineering. Prime Minister: we have an idea how to use imports from Ukraine so that there is as much pellet as possible in Poland

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We have a certain idea how to use the import from Ukraine so that there is as much pellet as possible in Poland – Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Sunday at a meeting with the inhabitants of the Kędzierzyn-Koźle poviat.

Kędzierzyn-Koźle was another point of the head of the government in the series of meetings with the inhabitants of the country “Let’s talk about Poland”, which began at the beginning of June.

Pellet prices. Prime Minister Morawiecki on “a certain idea”

The Prime Minister was asked about the increase in pellet prices. – Apart from coal, there is fuel oil, there is pellet, there is eco-pea coal, there are various energy carriers. We will work on such a mechanism that, first of all, there will be more of this pellet, because if there is more of it, the price will go down, today the price is high. We have some idea how to use import from Ukrainethat there is as much of this pellet as possible in Poland, informed the prime minister.

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– Because it is a problem that a large part of the raw materials were sourced from Russia. Russia attacked Ukraine, attacked the whole of Europe, there is an embargo on coal since April, pellets, eco-pea coal etc. all these issues are now in deficit. Therefore, in addition to the subsidy mechanisms we are working on, financial support mechanisms, we have another problem that we are solving – he said.

– I have instructed the State Treasury companies and Prime Minister Sasin to download as much eco-pea coal and steam coal as possible, especially the one that, after sorting, is suitable for those stoves that many Poles have now. Because there is a shortage of coal today and we are trying to compensate for this problem by importing from Colombiafrom Indonesia, from many countries of the world – he added Mateusz Morawiecki.

Prime Minister on renewable and nuclear energy

The prime minister was also asked about the use of renewable and nuclear energy. – Renewable energy is very good, but it must be combined and correlated with solid sources such as gas and coal – he explained. – We only have two: brown coal, hard coal and gas, and we will certainly not get rid of them, because we do not have nuclear power. We want to work on nuclear power, but also our potential partners, the French and Americans, have their nuclear projects in recent years very extended and with an increased budget – he added. And this, as he explained, “made it difficult to enter this topic quickly”.

Prime Minister Morawiecki added that “moreover, new nuclear technologies have emerged, which also include private and state partners”. “But there is no this atom, it will be in seven, eight, ten years at the earliest, this large atom in a dozen,” he said. – That is why we will not close coal-fired power plants, we will continue to mine coal: lignite and hard coal, and we will also continue to maintain gas-fired power plants in order to have real energy sovereignty – he added.

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