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Power industry – natural gas. Germany is ready for a possible shortage of Russian raw material. Back to coal

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Although the German economy minister Robert Habeck hopes to resume gas supplies via Nord Stream 1, he is prepared “for all scenarios”. He considers the return to coal “painful but necessary”.

As noted by the RND website, Robert Habeck has recently become the source of “bad news, inconvenient truths” and “grim scenarios” from the government. “I think it strengthens us as a society when we treat each other as adults,” said Habeck, who has made many proposals for energy saving in recent days.

Power engineering. Robert Habeck on the situation in Germany

– In the event of a crisis, private households and critical infrastructure, such as hospitals, retirement homes and care facilities, are and will be under special protection – emphasized the minister. He noted that “private households are particularly protected and will continue to receive energy”, but on the other hand, “industry must not be forgotten, because the economy provides jobs, income and everyday goods.”

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Habeck admitted that when it comes to the resumption of gas supplies via Nord Stream 1, he is prepared “for all scenarios”. As he confirmed, the government asked personally Canada for delivery of the missing turbine to the gas pipeline. – The necessary special permit has been granted by Canada, and Siemens is doing everything possible to ensure that the turbine arrives via Germany to the place of use in Russia by Germany – he said.

– According to all experts, the missing element was only a pretext for Russian propaganda. Gazprom has operational turbines. Russia could use Nord Stream 1’s capacity almost one hundred percent without this one turbine. With the help of the Canadian government, we have succeeded in depriving Russia of this pretext. We will see if it will be effective – added Habeck.

Nuclear power plants will run longer?

Habeck consistently rejects the proposals of the opposition CDU / CSU parties, as well as the FDP, which is part of the government coalition, that in the face of the energy crisis, the last three German nuclear power plants should operate longer than just until the end of this year.

– First of all, nuclear energy is a high-risk technology. (…) We currently have a problem with gas, not electricity – argued Habeck and added that “those who sound the loudest alarm about extending the life of nuclear power plants are the same who previously delayed the expansion of power grids and wind energy for many years. “.

The minister admitted that the decision to start coal-fired power plants was for Green party “extremely painful but necessary”. – The war shook the foundations, and party and electoral programs did not always give the right answers to such a changed reality. I believe that we should all be able to question old certainties and think in terms of necessity – explained the German minister.

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