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Power outages in Ukraine. There are serious problems ahead

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Power outages in Ukraine next winter could last 12 hours a day, said Serhiy Kovalenko, CEO of the largest energy company Yasno, in an interview with Delo.ua. In his opinion, the energy deficit could reach 35 percent.

Kowalenko emphasized that this is a preliminary forecast and full plans for the winter period should be developed at the end of August. For this purpose, estimates will first be made regarding energy consumption, production and import. As explained by the head of Yasno, some of the blocks of Ukrainian nuclear power plants are currently being renovated, but they will start operating in the fall, which means that the production of electricity will be higher. Renovations are also underway at hydro and thermal power plants. Kovalenko noted that generation will increase by the fall, although ongoing Russian shelling of energy facilities could impact those plans. At the same time – as he noted – electricity consumption in Ukraine is highest in winter. According to him, the situation may worsen if damaged facilities are not restored to service after attacks by Russian troops and there is no agreement on imports. However, the situation may also improve if everything planned is implemented and the winter is mild.

Russian attacks on Ukrainian power plants

Several thermal power plants in Ukraine have been destroyed by Russian attacks, including Zmiivska near Kharkiv and Trypilsk in the Kyiv region. Recently, the Ivano-Frankivsk Regional State Administration stated that the power plant in the city of Burshtyn is also not suitable for reconstruction after Russian shelling. In addition, the Russians have attacked distribution networks in Ukraine. All this has led to the energy sector being forced to impose large restrictions on customers. As reported by the operator Ukrenerho, power outage schedules will be in effect in Ukraine on Saturday throughout the day.

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Main image source: Vladyslav Musiienko/PAP/EPA

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