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Poznań. 20 seedlings were grown from the acorns of a 300-year-old oak Krzysztof

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The 20 oaks will be grown from acorn cuttings of an approximately 300-year-old tree. The acorns were collected in September last year and 20 young oaks grew out of them, which in the case of such an ancient oak as Krzysztof should be considered a success.

Krzysztof pedunculate oak is located at the junction of Józefa Garczyńskiego and Ignacego Prądzyńskiego streets in Poznań, in a fenced playground next to the building of the Wielkopolskie Towarzystwo Alzheimerowskie. The name Krzysztof, rooted in the local community, was given to the oak by an artist from Poznań – Anna Siwczyk, who contributed to the current state of the square, restoring its former appearance and character.

Carefully cared for tree

A tree with a regular crown, 375 centimeters in circumference (at a height of 130 cm), about 300 years old, is an important element of the landscape of the Wilda district. It grows in very difficult conditions, in quite compact buildings, and therefore requires special care.

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Christopher OakZZM Poznań

Due to his age, Krzysztof is a monument of nature. The tree is looked after by the Municipal Greenery Board, whose employees regularly carry out care and protection treatments for the tree and examine its health condition. Every year, the soil in which the oak has its roots is collected for testing. The amount of macro and microelements is checked in it. Around the tree there is a surface that allows more nutrients and water to pass through, and an irrigation system is installed so that the oak receives the right amount of water.

Little Krzysieks are waiting to be planted

In September last year, employees of the Municipal Greenery Board collected acorns released by an oak tree. They are valuable because Krzysztof, due to his old age, rarely or not at all, therefore it is difficult to grow seedlings from acorns. This time it worked. 20 young oaks have grown.

Little Krzysieks will be planted in various locations in the cityZZM Poznań

Now the seedlings have been sent to institutions that are to find suitable places for them. They were responsible for distributing settlement councils. For example, three seedlings that went to the Wilda Housing Estate Council will grow at Wildeckie primary schools.

“It’s nice to think that maybe not only concrete will remain after us. Krzysztof sprouted for three hundred years, transferring genetic material from an old oak tree, now little Krzysieks carry it on. Grow healthy!” – wrote Dorota Bonk-Hammermeister, chairwoman of the Wilda Estate Council.

Main photo source: ZZM Poznań

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