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Poznań. A customer was burned while serving flaming drinks. “The bartender was stunned”

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In one of the pubs in Poznań, three people were burned while serving burning drinks. One of them is seriously injured and is in the hospital. She has some plastic surgery ahead of her. The police will explain what happened.

On Friday after 11 pm, a fatal accident occurred in a bar in the Old Market Square in Poznań. While performing a bartender trick of setting absinthe on fire, the flames spread to three customers – a man, his fiancée and a friend.

The man described the whole situation in a message sent to the epoznan.pl portal. He writes that he suffered “serious burns to his face, neck and left ear” and is in the hospital on Szwajcarska Street. He’s going to have some plastic surgery.

Accident in Poznań. His face lit up

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“A piece of his t-shirt burned, the girl – thank God – does not save on makeup and had everything waterproof, so she only had black dots on her face, but her hair burned a lot, she reacted quickly. I, on the other hand, was not so lucky and lit up literally face, ear and sweatshirt. My ear was literally on fire” – informed Mr. Adam.

The bar staff was supposed to be totally shocked and helpless. “The bartender was stunned, I had to put it out myself. Even when I was in the toilet and pouring water on the burnt parts of my face, he asked a stupid question whether to call an ambulance,” the victim writes.

Burnt after a bartending trick. The police explain

The case was reported to the police. Adam wants the bar to be held accountable for what happened.

As Staff Sergeant Łukasz Paterski from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Poznań reported, last Friday police officers received a report that in one of the bars at the Old Market Square in Poznań, during a bartending show with the use of fire, there was an accident as a result of which one of the customers suffered burns to the face, ear and neck. He was taken to the hospital and his life is not in danger. – The policemen secured the surveillance. Investigations are currently underway, he said.

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