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Poznan. A fireplaces fuel container caught fire in the bar and she was burned and died. The trial has started

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The trial of the manager of the restaurant in Poznań’s Grunwald has started, in which the fuel container for the bio-fireplace caught fire. The bar manager was severely burned as a result of the accident. The 30-year-old died in the hospital. According to investigators, the man inadvertently led to her death.

On Friday (November 19), the trial of Ziemowit M., the manager of a restaurant in Poznań’s Grunwald, began in the District Court in Poznań, in which a tragic accident took place two years ago.

In September 2019, the bar manager, who had been working in the restaurant for several days, wanted to add fuel to the bio-fireplace. The woman, however, did not wait for it to extinguish and cool down. After refueling, it exploded. A total of four people were injured.

It was the 30-year-old who was injured the most. She was hospitalized with severe burns. Daria B. had burns to the head, chest, limbs and back. In total, she had 80 percent of her body surface with burns. After a few days, she died.


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According to the investigators, Ziemowit M. is responsible for the accident. He was accused of failing to fulfill his obligations in terms of work safety, which resulted in the woman being exposed to the risk of loss of life or health and unintentional death. The 30-year-old was not supposed to undergo health and safety training before starting work.

The trial in his case started on Friday.

He explained that he had taught her how to operate it himself

The man pleads not guilty. – My priority has always been to ensure the safety of guests, employees and the property entrusted to me – emphasized M. in court.

As he explained, he did not know about the lack of initial health and safety training for the woman. – The staff of the time called her twice for training, but Daria B. did not attend. I had no knowledge that she had not undergone this training, if I had known I would not let her work – he said.

But – as he added – the woman himself conducted on-the-job training, which included operating a bio-fireplace.

He signed the contract with the 30-year-old on August 27. – For September 2, 2019, I planned a training in the use of a bio-fireplace, which I conducted personally. During the interview, I raised the issue of safety, the use of a bio-fireplace was one of its elements – he said.

As she claims, Daria B. mentioned to him that in her previous workplace an employee was burned while operating a bio-fireplace.

– The training lasted 60-70 minutes and I showed from scratch how to use the bio-fireplace, and then I checked whether Daria B. understood the instruction, which she confirmed. Then I asked Daria B. to do the procedure myself. She performed the entire procedure without any reservations – he explained in court.

After the training, before the accident, the woman had to add bioethanol to the fireplace twice.

– Our senior health and safety inspector testified that the initial training does not include training in the use of a biofireplace (…) Connecting the lack of initial training with health and safety at work with the death of Daria B. is unjustified – argued the man before the court. As he explained, “the general knowledge in society is that no fuel should be added to the fireplace.” – The unfortunate accident was a big shock for me, it is a trauma for me, but I do not feel responsible for this situation – he emphasized.

After the accident, the biofireplace in the premises was dismantled.

He faces five years in prison for manslaughter.

Main photo source: TVN 24

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