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Poznań. A homeless man threatened the police with an axe. Shots fired

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On Sunday, around noon, police officers from Poznań intervened on the Warta river against an aggressive man. At one point, he pulled out a hatchet and began to threaten the officers with it. During the operation, the police fired warning shots. Nothing happened to anyone.

The incident took place on Sunday around noon in the area of ​​Szelągowska Street in Poznań. There was an intervention against a man, a person in a crisis of homelessness.

“He was very aggressive towards the police. At one point, he pulled out a hatchet and began to threaten the police with it. The officers called on the man to behave in accordance with the law, the man did not listen to it, he became even more aggressive, says junior assistant Łukasz Kędziora from the press office of the Greater Poland Police.

He wanted to escape by swimming

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Kędziora noted that at some point the man started running towards the Warta River and entered the river.

– At that moment, the policemen fired one warning shot each – said Kędziora and noted that no one was hurt.

He added that after a while the man was pulled from the river and overpowered. He has been stopped.

Main photo source: Bart Bourdon/Shutterstock

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