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Poznan. After nine years in the shelter, the dog found a new home, it was adopted by a volunteer. “The frog went to the hut”

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They have known each other for five years, they have just lived together. A volunteer at the shelter in Poznań took in a dog named Żaba. The mongrel is 10 years old and has never experienced the warmth of a home. Now he has enough of it. He liked the new family. He just needs to “make friends” with this terrifying coffee machine and noisy oven.

The frog is a mongrel that appeared in the Animal Shelter in Poznań in December 2012. – He was then about a year old. He was a puppy that someone brought to us, so it can be said that he is a dog that knows no other life than in our facility – says Katarzyna Frąckowiak from an animal shelter in Poznań.

Now, nine years later, someone has come to love him and take him home. This is Marlena, a volunteer, and her husband. On December 2, the couple picked up Żaba from the facility.


The dog left the shelter after 9 yearsFB- Animal shelter in Poznań

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A dog with character and a volunteer with a big heart

They have known each other for a long time. Ms Marlena has been a volunteer at the shelter for five years. As she says, she has a particularly deep bond with Żaba. The dog had contact with many volunteers, but it was Mrs. Marlena who trusted her and only allowed her to bathe. – Earlier, my husband and I had a French bulldog. He was a typical only child, so we were afraid to take another dog. Two months ago, our dog lost the fight against lymphoma. We cannot imagine a home without a dog, says the volunteer tvn24.pl.

Entry on the board in the shelterFB-Animal shelter in Poznań

Frog’s first days in his new home passed calmly. The dog eagerly eats, drinks and goes for walks. He just needs to tame a few home “demons”. – We noticed that he is still afraid of the sounds typical of the house. The coffee machine and the oven scare him. He just has to get used to it, because he has never encountered such noises before – says Ms Marlena. And he adds: – We are also impressed with how the Frog behaves at home. In the shelter, dogs like to reach for toys, he never. But now that we are here together for the first time he got interested in the so-called jerk and even starts walking around the house with him.

The shelter employees say directly: – The frog is a dog with character.

But it was he who stole Mrs. Marlen’s heart.

– The choice was obvious to us for two reasons. First of all, I have known Żaba for years, and secondly, I am aware that as a 10-year-old dog, he has little chance of being adopted. And I know what he needs, what he likes. This is a dog that is very distrustful. It takes a long time to get used to new people. This is not the type of hug that people love. For him, space is important. I know that it can be difficult at times, but Frog is a conscious choice. We are glad that she is with us – says Mrs. Marlena.

The dog Żaba spent 9 years in the shelterFB – Animal shelter in Poznań

The frog already has a home, more than 400 animals do not

– Our task is to take care of the animals that come to us after various passages. Our hostel is a modern facility. Our pupils do not lack food, water, they are also taken for walks by volunteers. We try our best, but a real family and our own home is something better for these animals. That is why we strive to ensure that all of them find their good place – says Frąckowiak.

Animal shelter in PoznańUM Poznań

Currently, there are about 300 cats and 140 dogs in the shelter. – In the latter case, about 40-50 percent are reported by owners. It is different with cats. Hardly anyone is looking for them – admits Frąckowiak.

Shelter employees also remind you that you should chip your dog or cat and register the chip. In Poznań, such a service is free of charge in selected veterinary clinics. Thanks to this, the system will contain the owner’s data, address and telephone number. – Thanks to this, when such an animal comes to us, we can quickly obtain information about its owner and inform him about the whereabouts. It makes this break-up period shorter – adds Frąckowiak.

Main photo source: FB- Animal shelter in Poznań

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