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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Poznan. Anti-vaccinationists interrupted the picnic at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital. Police intervention

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Representatives of anti-vaccination movements disrupted the course of the lactation picnic, which took place at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital in Poznań. Participants in the event tried to discourage young mothers and pregnant women from vaccinating against COVID-19. The police intervened.

The Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital in Poznań has been organizing the Lactation Picnic for many years. This year’s edition took place on Sunday at the facility, from 9:00 to 15:00. in the field of dietetics. Both women and their partners and children from the age of 12 could also get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Anti-vaccines surrounded the mobile vaccination point. The medics called the police, there will be 15 court applications.

– It was a picnic addressed to specific people, in which it was possible to take part only on certain rules. All this to ensure that the event takes place in a sanitary regime and is safe for all mothers, our patients and their children. We had already met a wave of hate before the picnic, so we informed the police about the case. Unfortunately, as we feared, there was an incident that violated the security rules – says tvn24.pl prof. Maciej Wilczak, acting director of the hospital.


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They advised against vaccinating, raided the hospital grounds

The picnic was disturbed by representatives of the anti-vaccination movement, who demonstrated at the fence of the facility. They chanted slogans: “don’t be a guinea pig”, “mom, dad, don’t strain me”, “stop sanitary segregation”. Several dozen people took part in the demonstration, but all the speeches were also broadcast on social media. – A demonstration of several dozen people gathered in front of the hospital. The policemen were there from the start of the picnic. In connection with the demonstration, officers intervened twice. First, to the notification of a resident who claimed that public order was disturbed. In this case, one person was asked to punish, said Marta Mróz from the Poznań police.

Prime Minister: There was a bandit act in Zamość. Sanepid and the vaccination point were set on fire.

The police intervened for the second time around 2 p.m. – A dozen or so people burst into the hospital grounds. Our employees showed professionalism and calmly tried to explain medical issues to these people, although it was not easy due to the strong emotions accompanying the protesters. I always approach everyone with respect, including those who have a different view of reality and do not agree with the current state of medical knowledge, or even question it. But it must be remembered that the law is still in force in Poland, and due to the pandemic, hospitals are subject to the sanitary regime. It cannot be claimed that the rights of the youngest and the most vulnerable patients are defended, and at the same time violating the rules that are to ensure the safety of children – explains prof. Wolfdog.

– People who raided the hospital were dressed in uniforms. They behaved quite calmly, they were all identified and instructed, and then left the hospital, adds Mróz.

Vaccinations of pregnant women and tests related to COVID-19 are recommended by the Polish Society of Gynecologists and Obstetricians. They are also supported by the national consultant in the field of perinatology. On Saturday, vaccine opponents They appeared in Gdynia, where they surrounded a mobile vaccination point.



Main photo source: TVN24

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