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Poznan. Barbara Czarnkowska from the Bolesława Śmiały estate was missing. She was seen on MPK bus number 174. Police call

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For six days, the family and the police have been looking for the missing Barbara Czarnkowska. The woman is 76 years old and has problems with memory. She was last seen on Monday on bus 174 in the direction of Unii Lubelskiej street in Poznań. The police appeals to everyone who could see a resident of Poznań.

The police in Poznań informed about the search for Barbara Czarnkowska in social media. Seniorka lives in the Bolesława Śmiałego estate. It is known that she left home on Monday, September 20 and has so far not made any contact with her family.


The missing girl is 76 years oldKMP Poznań

She was seen on the bus

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“Her relatives have no contact with her. However, the policemen from the Poznań Północ police station managed to establish that around 4.30 p.m. on the day of the disappearance, Barbara Czarnkowska traveled by bus number 174 towards Unii Lubelskiej street. The photo from the bus monitoring confirms this.” Poznan police announcement.

The woman was last seen on the MPK busKMP Poznań

Thanks to the findings of the officers, it is known that on the day of the disappearance, Barbara Czarnkowska was dressed in a summer, navy blue jacket, leggings, white and red slippers and a colorful short-sleeved blouse, which can be seen in the photo from the camera on the bus.

The woman is 76 years old, about 167 centimeters tall and weighs 87 kilograms. The missing girl also suffers from memory lapses.

All persons who know where the woman is or have information that may help in finding her whereabouts are asked to contact the policemen from the North, tel. 47 77 146 11 or 112.

Main photo source: KMP Poznań

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