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Poznań: Beating a bus driver. Police officers awarded for capturing suspects

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Within a few days, they arrested suspects of brutal beatings of a bus driver who stood up for the attacked passenger. The Poznań authorities thanked the seven policemen who contributed to their capture. Everyone got bonuses.

October 27 at the Women’s Rights Avenue in Naramowice in Poznań two men started a row on bus 169 and they beat up the driver who drew their attention. The man was taken to hospital.

– It was boxing. But not that I was a boxer, but I got blows from the boxer in a frenzy – said Mr. Tadeusz. The driver did not remember how many blows he could take. There could be several or a dozen of them. After a while, both men ran away. And the passengers rushed off with the help of the driver who was covered in blood. – It was pouring quite juicy from the nose and eyes, because I have thrombosis and take blood thinners – he explains.

After the incident, the police emphasized that for them detaining the perpetrators is “case number 1”. – They will not get away with it – announced Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman for the Greater Poland police.


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The next day, the first suspected beating player, Mikołaj S., fell into the hands of the police, and the second – Mikołaj M. four days after the incident.

The court arrested them for three months.

Now the seven policemen who contributed to the capture of the two suspects of the beating of the MPK bus driver were thanked by the city authorities and the city police commander in Poznań.

“Such events will not be underestimated by anyone”

– Thank you on behalf of myself, the city authorities, its residents and Mr. Tadeusz. Thank you for the efficient action related to the capture of two bandits who beat up the driver of a city bus. This case shocked many residents of Poznań. The fact that this was dealt with quickly showed the efficiency of the police. In the future, everyone must be aware that such events will not be underestimated by anyone, and the punishment will be inevitable – said Mariusz Wiśniewski, Deputy Mayor of Poznań.

Seven policemen received diplomas and bonuses from the city’s funds allocated each year to the Poznań police.

The driver of MPK Poznań recovers. I feel better now.

Main photo source: KWP Poznań / TVN24

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