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Poznań, Białystok: CBŚP broke up the group dealing with pimping, they were to run 40 escort agencies. Six people detained

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Six people were arrested, 38 apartments in different cities were searched – this was the great action of the Central Police Investigation Bureau. A group that, according to investigators, was broken up was involved in pimping and ran escort agencies in five provinces. Almost 140 policemen took part in the actions.

The pimps were found by policemen from the Białystok Central Investigation Bureau of the Police. They worked on the case for over a year. At that time, the investigators found that the criminal practice was carried out in over 40 luxury apartments located in various cities, where Polish, Ukrainian and Russian women were to deal with harlotry for the criminal group. According to their information, the group has operated for many years in five voivodeships: Wielkopolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Dolnośląskie, Podkarpacie and Zachodniopomorskie.

Women were downloaded from erotic websites

– The suspect of managing this group is a 47-year-old man who ran two apartment rental companies at the same time. Under the guise of legal business activity, premises were rented in accordance with their intended purpose, and in addition, women engaged in prostitution were placed in these places. Women working for the group were recruited through advertisements on erotic Internet portals – explains Iwona Jurkiewicz, spokesman for CBŚP.

According to investigators, the women had to share the money they earned with the members of the group. And they were to provide them with premises, organize “advertisements”, receive calls from customers and provide them with addresses of meeting places.

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A leader with several faces

– The group was highly anonymous and the emphasis was on not knowing each other involved in prostitution, which was scrupulously enforced to ensure continued freedom of action. The head of the group himself used many identities and pseudonyms, introducing himself, among others, as Igor or Adam K. – explains Jurkiewicz. Almost 140 policemen were simultaneously involved in the operation to break up the group. The arrests took place at the end of October.

– In Poznań, with the support of the local Independent Police Counterterrorism Unit, 47-year-old Mariusz N. was arrested, suspected of leading a group. Five more people were detained in other parts of the country. At the same time, 38 searches of places used by women engaged in prostitution in the following provinces: Wielkopolskie, Kujawsko-Pomorskie, Dolnośląskie and Podkarpackie – lists Jurkiewicz.

They registered their phones “on the poles”

During the activities, over 50 mobile phones, hundreds of SIM cards registered “on poles”, computers, laptops, as well as PLN 244,000 in various currencies and two cars were secured.

– The detained persons at the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań have been accused of participating in an organized criminal group, as well as, inter alia, of profiting from someone else’s prostitution. The court was confronted with a preventive measure in the form of temporary arrest – reports Jurkiewicz. The investigation is of a developmental nature and further arrests are possible.

Main photo source: CBŚP

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