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Poznań, candidates for councilors. One of them dances to “what doesn’t work in Poznań”

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The lists of candidates for the Poznań council are slowly becoming clearer. The councilor who was worried about the elephant’s sexual orientation will be missing. However, a candidate who dances to “what doesn’t work in Poznań” in his spot can become a councilor.

“I started dancing to things that don’t work in Poznań…” wrote Bartłomiej Stroiński, a candidate for councilor from the Left list. The recording shows broken elevators, escalators, information boards at tram stops and the closed Arena sports and entertainment hall. A candidate for councilor dances in front of each of these buildings.

The video has already been watched by over 370,000 people and has received over half a thousand comments. One of them was posted by Law and Justice councilor Krzysztof Rosenkiewicz. “Your legs will fall off after a week,” he wrote.

This is so far the cheeriest accent of the local government campaign in Poznań.

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The candidate of the Left dances in a spot on “what doesn’t work in Poznań”01/03TVN24

The Left presented its candidates on Friday. One of the “number ones” is Stroiński. In two other districts, the lists are opened by social activists who got to the council four years ago from the Right to the City lists – Dorota Bonk-Hammermeister and Paweł Sowa. The remaining “ones” went to the Left’s candidate for the mayor of Poznań, Beata Urbańska, the former leader of the Left in the city, Tomasz Lewandowski, and councilor Halina Owsianna.

Candidates from further places include: activist Katarzyna Wągrowska, known from the blog “Ograniczam się” about “a simple, conscious life without garbage”, who runs Po-dzielnia in Poznań, and Kacper Nowicki, founder and president of the board of the Varia Posnania Foundation, previously chairman of the Youth Council of the City of Poznań.

He was tracking an elephant’s sexual orientation. He won’t start

The lists of the United Right, next to the candidates of Law and Justice, will include representatives of the Confederation. They include, among others: leader in Poznań Piotr Tuczyński, who was widely discussed on the occasion of the convention of Zbigniew Czerwiński, the candidate of the United Right for the president of Poznań, during which he said: “If President Jaśkowiak is in line with the policy of autumn 1939, i.e. the removal of the Monument of Gratitude, then President Jaśkowiak fits into Hitler’s policy.

It didn’t hurt Tuczyński – he received “one” in district number 3. Four years ago, Michał Grześ got to the council from this district.

He is a well-known and hard-working Poznań councilor, but known to the wider public for his controversial statements, ideas and behavior. He became famous all over the world for his interpellation about the sexual life of an elephant in Poznań. – We did not spend PLN 37 million on the largest elephant house in Europe to house a gay elephant. We were supposed to have a herd of elephants, and if Ninio prefers male friends over female friends, how will he father offspring? – said the councilor at the city council meeting on April 7, 2009. After councilor Grześ’s interpellation, Ninio became known all over the world as a gay elephant. Sky News, ABC News, “Independent” and “Daily Telegraph” talked and wrote about the Poznań animal. The zoo denied the PiS councilor’s revelations. A year later, 10-year-old Ninio began to be interested in females. Elephants reach sexual maturity at the age of approximately 14.

The elephant case touched Poznań

The elephant case touched PoznańThe sexual life of an elephant is the problem that sparked the last meetings of the Poznań city council. An inquisitive PiS councilor, Michał Grześ, is afraid that the male Nino, who recently came to the Poznań Zoo, is gay and may be aggressive because of it. TVN24

Another time he suggested that city ​​toilets were named after “differently distinguished” people. – For example, a toilet named after Bretislav, a Czech prince who invaded and burned Poznań, with a plaque informing what kind of crap it was. This would be our revenge on these scoundrels – he explained, adding Otto von Bismarck and Józef Cyrankiewicz to the candidates.

During the pandemic, when city council sessions were held online, Grześ participated in them… while lying in bed under the covers.

Councilor Dorota Bonk-Hammermeister did not hide her outrage. “Good morning (or good evening) from the Education and Upbringing Committee. A question from outside the agenda: is councilor Grześ well-behaved?” – she asked on her Facebook.

Councilor Grześ in bed during a remote city council sessionFacebook / Dorota Bonk-Hammermeister

Grześ resigned from running after 30 years on the city council elections. – I wanted to leave the stage on my own feet, not be carried away – he told Radio Poznań.

Apart from that, Zbigniew Czerwiński, Ewa Jemielity, Przemysław Alexandrowicz, Klaudia Strzelecka and Mateusz Rozmiarek are tops on the lists. Long-time councilor Lidia Dudziak has to settle for a lower place after her intervention Two copulating donkeys from the Poznań zoo were separated.

The donkeys copulated in front of the children.  This outraged the mothers

The donkeys copulated in front of the children. This outraged the mothers24/09|The calendar says it’s autumn, but the animals from the Poznań Zoo still feel spring. A pair of donkeys were copulating in their enclosure, ignoring the eyes of visitors. Outraged mothers intervened with PiS councilor Lidia Dudziak. Eventually the animals were separatedTVN24 Poznań

No revolution in the Civic Coalition

There are no sensations on the Civic Coalition’s lists. Among the current councilors, only Anna Wilczewska was absent. The last place in one of the districts for Łukasz Mikuła may be a surprise. The list also included former councilor of the Law for the City, Tomasz Wierzbicki.

The “leaders” are the mayor of Poznań Jacek Jaśkowiak, his deputy Mariusz Wiśniewski and councilors Małgorzata Dudzic-Biskupska, Grzegorz Ganowicz, Grzegorz Jura and Marek Sternalski.

The Third Road and Społeczny Poznań are still waiting

Trzecia Droga and Społeczny Poznań have not yet officially presented their candidates for councilors, although some of them managed to announce their candidacy on their own.

And so, the list of the Third Way will include, among others: Adam Szabelski, former assistant PiS MP Szymon Szynkowski vel Sęk, who sat on the board of the Poznań structures of this party until 2018. There is also councilor Łukasz Kapustka, who joined the party from the PiS list, but left the party during the term and joined the Wspólny Poznań club.

Social activists and politicians from the Razem party will run from the Social Poznań lists, including: Tomasz Hejna, Włodzimierz Nowak, Amadeusz Smirnow and Przemysław Czechanowski.

Main photo source: Facebook / Bartłomiej Stroiński

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