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Poznań. Car stuck in freshly poured concrete

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On the Dworcowy Bridge in Poznań, a driver drove his car into fresh concrete and got stuck. The vehicle was pulled out by construction workers working on site. In this part of the city, the track is currently being renovated and changes to traffic organization are in effect.

This unusual situation occurred on Wednesday in the early afternoon near Dworcowy Bridge in Poznań. The driver of a passenger car drove into fresh concrete and got stuck.

The Poznań police did not receive a report in this case, but – as we managed to establish – the car was quickly removed from the construction site. “The area was immediately leveled by the construction workers. It was so fresh that it did not leave any permanent damage” – we heard in the press office of the City Police Headquarters in Poznań.

A car drove into fresh concrete in Poznań

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Changed traffic organization

This information was also confirmed by Agnieszka Smogulecka, spokeswoman for the Municipal Transport Company in Poznań. – There was a situation in which a car drove into fresh concrete on a renovated section of the Dworcowy Bridge junction. The car was pulled out with the help of the contractor's employees. The concrete was so fresh that it is impossible to talk about any damage – she explained.

She added that it is not yet known why the driver drove into the fresh layer of concrete. It may have been caused by the changed traffic organization in this part of Poznań. For several days, renovation works have been underway on the tram tracks there.

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