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Poznan. Caritas help for Afghans who flew from Ramstein to Poznań

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Caritas in Poznań became involved in helping the evacuated Afghans. Cleaning products, clothes and food for children were provided to over a hundred people who flew to the capital of Greater Poland from the Ramstein base. Caritas has also launched a fundraiser for refugees. Previously, Afghan refugees were helped by, among others residents of Suchy Bór (Opole region), and local government officials also declared their support.

Afghans, who were evacuated from their homeland after the Taliban victory, have been living in Poznań for several days. Over a hundred people flew in from the US military base in Ramstein, Germany and went to one of the Poznań hotels. Caritas in Poznań wants to support refugees in this difficult time and help them acclimatize to Poland. Therefore, cleaning products, including toothpaste, brushes, soaps, diapers, shampoos and hygiene products for women, were provided to the hotel where they are located. Footwear, children’s, women’s and men’s clothes and food for children were also provided.

Marek Misiek from Caritas informed that he is in direct contact with other organizations supporting the stay of Afghans in Poznań. He assured that Caritas would continue to help the evacuees.

Caritas is in contact with the Government Security CenterCaritas Poznań


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Over 100 refugees

The first group of Afghans landed at the Poznań-Ławica airport on the night of Friday to Saturday. The Government Center for Security announced in a Sunday announcement that a specialist medical team and a group of interpreters were waiting for the evacuees. “After the tests, tests against COVID-19 and the necessary formalities were completed, the Afghans were transported to one of the hotels in Poznań, where they have food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), cleaning products, clothes and the presence of an interpreter. and double rooms, in which they will spend compulsory quarantine “- it was written. He is staying in the reception center, as informed by the RCB 113 refugees. Most of the admitted ones are families – mostly women and minor children. All Afghans who were evacuated had negative swabs for COVID-19.

The donated items also included shoes and clothingCaritas Poznań

Local government officials want to help, residents collected gifts

Afghans who have fled their homeland would also like to help Polish local government officials. “As local government officials, we are ready to help overcome the migration crisis related to refugees from Afghanistan. However, we must remember that the main burden in this situation is on the government” – declared Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań, at the end of August. On the other hand, Rafał Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, emphasized: “The difficult situation in Afghanistan and the influx of refugees from this country are specific challenges and problems. As cities of the Metropolitan Union, we are open to help in solving them – both for the government and the social organizations involved. We are waiting for concrete decisions from the rulers.

They also set off to help the refugees inhabitants of Suchy Bor (Opolskie Voivodeship). – I have not heard any bad and critical voices that they came, that we do not want them. The inhabitants of Suchy Bor were in favor of helping – stressed – in “Fakty po Faktach” Andrzej Nowak, the village mayor.

From Afghanistan to Dry Bor. “The reaction was that we will help”TVN24

Afghans file asylum applications

On Tuesday, RMF FM broadcasted the deputy minister of internal affairs Bartosz Grodecki informed that about 600 Afghans evacuees to Poland have already applied for international protection. As he added, an adaptation program is being prepared for Afghans who will obtain refugee status. 17 people, he added, have already left the centers because they could leave Poland to other countries, the Netherlands, Great Britain and Estonia.

Main photo source: Caritas Poznań

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