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Poznań. European pond turtles were hatched at the University of Life Sciences

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A female pond turtle found last year in one of the houses in Poznań gave birth to offspring. The animal is staying at the Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Laboratory of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań, where it can count on professional care.

At the end of October last year, residents found a turtle in one of the basements of a house in Świerczew, Poznań. An eco-patrol was called to the scene city ​​guard.

“The household members were very surprised to see such a guest and immediately notified the guards. The officers recognized that it was a European pond turtle. It is the only species of turtle that occurs in the natural environment in Poland and is under strict protection,” wrote the Poznań city guard.

A female turtle rescued from the basementCity Guard in Poznań

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The animal was placed under the care of Dr. engineer Mateusz Rawski from the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. It turned out to be a female.

– Without help, an animal woken up from hibernation or previously illegally kept by humans would most likely not survive the period of low temperatures – explains Dr. Eng. Mateusz Rawski.

The turtles are under professional careNature University of Poznan

They will undergo genetic testing

The turtle not only survived, but laid eggs in December. Thanks to specialist care, after over sixty days of incubation, young turtles hatched. This is unusual because in the wild, pond turtles hatch in late summer or leave the nests only in the spring of the following year after laying their eggs.

Babies bornNature University of Poznan

– Currently, the young are raised in controlled conditions and eat live food, which increases their chances of being potentially released into the wild. However, their further fate will be determined by the results of genetic tests – it is necessary to determine whether they belong to the native Polish population in order to prevent its “contamination”, for example with individuals from southern Europe that are not well adapted to low temperatures in winter – explains Rawski . The final decision will be made by the General Directorate for Environmental Protection.

The moment of breaking the egg shellNature University of Poznan

European pond turtles are the only native species of turtle in the national fauna that was placed under strict protection in 1935, three years before it was introduced for the bison. Our country is inhabited by a relict population, largely dependent on active protection.

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tvn24, Poznań University of Life Sciences

Main photo source: Nature University of Poznan

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