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Poznan. Firefighters and soldiers showed up in front of the emergency station. They don’t want to get into the ambulances

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Due to the protests of rescuers, there are no people in Poznań to man the ambulance crew. The Voivode of Greater Poland decided to send firefighters and soldiers to work in the emergency room. They showed up at the emergency station, but refused to work.

For several months now, paramedics in various parts of Poland have been protesting against low wages and poor working conditions. Some of them go on sick leave, others submit their termination notice in protest. The situation is dynamic – shortages are signaled from time to time in different regions. From Friday, Poznań and the Poznań poviat have been struggling with a difficult situation. Out of 260 people employed, around 150 declared that they would not be available for work. Of the 26 ambulance teams that are necessary to ensure the safety of residents 24 hours a day, only 14 worked on Friday. On Saturday, there were only 10.


The voivode was looking for “willing”

The voivode of Greater Poland is trying to fill the staff shortages. – Voivode Michał Zieliński, together with the staff, made a decision to manage emergency medical teams from the nearest operating regions. Secondly, we try to protect paramedics who work in the fire brigade structures on a daily basis, i.e. people who have such qualifications. The campaign to acquire these people is underway. Today, we will be able to secure this system in such a way as to ensure the safety of residents in its entirety – Tomasz Stube, spokesman of the voivode assured on Friday.

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The voivode also sent a letter to the Ministry of National Defense, asking for support from rescuers serving in the army. A similar letter was also to be sent to the provincial commander of the police for ambulance support in the field of ambulance drivers.

Fire trucks in front of an ambulance stationTomasz Wesołowski / TVN 24 Poznań

It was estimated that 40-50 people would be needed to work.

“Willing” are reluctant

Even more people, about 100 people, reported to the ambulance station at Rycerska Street in Poznań. It’s just that the rescuers from the army and fire brigades showed up only to refuse to work. They do not want to sign contracts with the Provincial Ambulance Station, so as not to “enter” between paramedics and the ministry.

Firefighters do not want to replace medical guardsTomasz Wesołowski / TVN 24 Poznań

A delegation from the voivode appeared on the spot, trying to ease the dispute. The commander of the State Fire Service in Poznań is also on his way there. The talks are going on all the time.

Main photo source: Tomasz Wesołowski / TVN 24 Poznań

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