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Poznań. He attacked random people for no reason. He beat them and made criminal threats

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In Poznań (Greater Poland Voivodeship), a man attacked random people on the street – he made criminal threats against them and beat up two people. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody. The police are looking for other victims.

According to junior aspirant Marta Mróz from the Poznań police press office, the events took place last week in the center of Poznań. Within a short period of time, the police received reports from several attacked people.

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– The woman informed the police that when she was walking down the street near Wolności Square, she was suddenly attacked by an unknown man. The perpetrator approached her and tried to start a conversation in an aggressive tone, and when she did not respond, he started threatening her, kicked her and punched her in the face. The injured party immediately informed law enforcement about the incident, and the police immediately started looking for the attacker, Mróz said.

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He attacked two men

She added that shortly afterwards the officers received three more reports of a similar nature. Everything indicated that they were related to one and the same person.

– The perpetrator also attacked two men in the Stary Browar area. He approached them under the pretext of selling a book of poetry, which he claimed to be the author of. However, the young people were not interested in talking to the stranger, and when they tried to leave, the man attacked them. He threatened them, punched one of them in the face and ran away. A moment later, the police received another report. This time from Ogrodowa Street. It was there that the perpetrator attacked the woman. She was helped by a passer-by who reacted and repelled the aggressive man’s attack, Mróz noted.

He heard the charges

The police secured scoops from surveillance cameras and established a description of the attacker. His image was distributed to all patrols in the city.

– During patrolling, criminal investigators noticed a suspicious person, he was immediately detained and, after collecting evidence, he was charged with making criminal threats, bodily harm and violating bodily inviolability. Moreover, the perpetrator’s action was classified as a hooligan act, Mróz said.

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