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Poznań: He would come up and insert a needle with a syringe. The suspect of the attacks has heard the charges, there is a motion for arrest

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First he attacked the local TV operator, then the courier. The scenario was similar – it was coming from behind and sticking the needle in. The police detained a suspect in these attacks. It is not known what was in the syringe yet.

First, there was an attack on the television crew. On Tuesday, Wielkopolska Telewizja Kablowa recorded a report from the intersection of Małe Garbary and Garbary streets, when a random man approached the operator and hit him in the back.

– I only felt a tap – said the operator on wtk.pl. After he pulled away, the reporter noticed that he had a syringe with a needle stuck in his jacket. He only managed to record the attacker’s back, then went to the Hospital Emergency Department and then reported the matter to the police.

The operator underwent tests, he was prescribed drugs, he will have to undergo additional vaccinations.


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Another attack on Thursday

Even then, the police reported that a local television employee was probably not the only victim.

On Thursday after 2 p.m. there was another attack. This time, an employee of a courier company was the victim. The courier parked the bus on Podgórna Street next to the shopping center. As he crossed the road, a man approached him and punched him with a syringe.

Everything is visible on the surveillance camera footage published by the police on Friday.

He recently got out of prison

The police notified about the case quickly tracked down the man. – Among other things, after the monitoring recordings, we determined the appearance of this attacker and the fact that he got on a tram and began to move towards the campus of the Poznań University of Technology, and then began to return towards the center. He was spotted by policemen from the water police station on a tram at the Poznań cathedral, informs Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman for the Greater Poland Police.

Officers of the execution group participated in the arrest of the man. – He’s been overwhelmed. It turned out that he had a syringe and needle with him – Borowiak said.

There was an unknown substance in the syringe that has not yet been tested. The man did not tell the police what he was supposed to inject his victims.

– The suspect, 27-year-old, is at the disposal of the policemen of the Poznań Old Town Police Station. In January he was released from prison after serving a sentence for other crimes – informed Borowiak.

Police officers are now verifying similar situations. – On Friday, the man heard the accusation of bodily harm and violation of bodily integrity. In both cases, these acts are treated as hooligan acts. The 27-year-old is threatened with two years in prison – says Borowiak.

The prosecutor’s office requested a temporary detention for the man.

Main photo source: KMP Poznań

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