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Poznan. How to help a homeless person? Municipal police and MOPR check the camps

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Vacant spaces, heat conduits, staircases. As every year, the municipal police and employees of the Municipal Family Support Center in Poznań visit places where homeless people are camping. They give them food packages and urge them to stay in a city center instead of sleeping in the open air.

Since the beginning of November, the municipal police and the Municipal Family Support Center in Poznań have been visiting the camps. As every year, there are over 100 places to be checked, in which up to 300 people sleep. – Together, we want to help the homeless in this most difficult period for them. We want to reach as many people as possible so that they receive help on time – says tvn24.pl Anna Nowaczyk from the municipal police.

Officers urge the homeless to decide to move to the center. They also tell you where to look for help. – A person who decides to go to the facility will be provided with shelter. The city has secured over 300 places in shelters and several dozen places in the heating plant at Krańcowa and a night shelter at Borówki Street, reported Bogna Kisiel, spokeswoman for the Municipal Family Assistance Center. She added that from Tuesday, November 2, meals were also served at Dworcowa Street. The homeless can also take advantage of individual social counseling, pre-medical help, and they will also receive personal protective equipment. Mobile Support Point is a program financed from the budget of the city of Poznań. It is implemented by two associations Pogotowie Społeczne and Dom Pomocna Dłoń.


Every year, the guards try to help the homelessFB – Municipal Police in Poznań

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Not everyone wants help

The centers in Poznań provide assistance to the homeless throughout the year. However, it often happens that these people refuse this form of help. – We can help you, provide medical care and take care of your other needs and safety. For this purpose, please take advantage of the possibility of living in one of Poznań’s institutions – encouraged one of the persons Aleksandra Nowicka, a social worker. Unfortunately, the man flatly refused.

Another homeless person reached by Nowicka and the municipal police is a man who sleeps in the car. in this case, the interveners also heard that the man would handle himself. Therefore, he received a leaflet with a list of institutions supporting people in the homelessness crisis.

Do not be indifferent. How to help a homeless person?

– Poznanians seeing a homeless person who requires help, can report them to the homeless help department located at 22 Gronowa Street – advises Bogna Kisiel.

This can be done in three ways: by e-mail (pomocbezdomnym@mopr.poznan.pl), via the application form on the MOPR website (mopr.poznan.pl), by phone (61 878 17 89). But the reports are also accepted by the municipal police (986) and the Crisis Intervention Center (61 835 48 66 and 61 835 48 65).

In turn, the Customer Service Point in the Homeless People Assistance Department is open on Monday from 7.30 a.m. to 4 p.m., and from Tuesday to Thursday from 7.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m. Homeless people can come during these hours and will receive support, they do not need to make an appointment

Rangers visit places where homeless people are stayingFB – Poznań Municipal Police

Main photo source: FB – Poznań Municipal Police

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