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Poznan. Judgment in the case of Bank Staropolski. Piotr Bykowski is convicted

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Piotr Bykowski was convicted of causing damage of at least PLN 127 million in Bank Staropolskie, which was bankrupted over 20 years ago. The accused was the chairman of the bank’s supervisory board.

On Friday, the District Court in Poznań sentenced Piotr Bykowski to two years in prison for causing damage of at least PLN 127 million to Bank Staropolski, bankrupted over 20 years ago. The accused was the chairman of the bank’s supervisory board. Piotr Bykowski agreed to the publication of the image and name and surname.

Four in total

Włodzimierz W., as the then president of the management board, was found guilty of causing Bank Staropolski damage of at least PLN 16 million, for which he was sentenced to one year and two months’ imprisonment, suspended, and a fine of PLN 12,000. In turn, the defendants, Ewa W. and Danuta D., who were vice-presidents of the bank, were sentenced to one year and six months of imprisonment suspended for causing damage of at least PLN 127 million and a fine of PLN 15,000 each. Judge Alina Siatecka, justifying the Friday sentence, noted that the court found the defendants guilty of committing the offense of mismanagement. As the judge pointed out, only three of the defendants in this case served as members of the bank’s management board. She added that the accused Piotr Bykowski, as the chairman of the supervisory board of the bank, unlike the current practice, played an active role in conducting the bank’s policy and operation strategy, including on investment in Ukrainewhere the victims’ money might have gone.

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– It all happened according to the defendant’s business concepts. Of course, the district court, like the district court, does not take these concepts off the defendant (…) nevertheless, such concepts should not be financed with funds submitted by people who set up deposits – said the judge. As emphasized by the bank’s investments, they are burdened with “very high risk”.

He is convinced that he will not go to prison

After the sentence was announced, Piotr Bykowski made no secret that he was counting on a cassation of the sentence. – First of all I want to say that today we know that nobody stole money from the bank, it was invested. It is just a matter of judging whether they have been well invested or badly invested. There is an allegation of mismanagement with which I absolutely disagree. They are full of analyzes that the funds were spent on purpose and in accordance with the art of banking. The court does not have the auditor’s document because the balance sheet was not prepared at our request and therefore the cassation appeal is fully justified. I think it will be in the right direction, that is, just like the decision in the second instance – acquitting everyone – he said in the court.

As he added, he is convinced that he will not go to prison. – I do not allow such a scenario. There are unambiguous documents that will be subject to evaluation – he emphasized.

In court he jumped out of the window

Piotr Bykowski from Poznań is one of the most famous Polish businessmen of the 1990s. In 2005, he was arrested by the Internal Security Agency, and then arrested on charges of forgery of promissory notes. At that time, his first trial was taking place before the Poznań court. Piotr Bykowski was accused of bringing about the collapse of Bank Staropolski in 2000. The bank had a gap in the balance sheet of over PLN 473 million. According to the accusation, Bykowski withdrew the money from his bank.

Even over PLN 500 million was supposed to evaporate from the bank he created. According to media reports, tens of thousands of people were to be aggrieved. It is not known what happened to the customers’ money. It was speculated that they might have ended up in Ukraine, where Bykowski also conducted his business.

There was also a lot of publicity about Bykowski for another reason. A few months after the bank’s collapse was announced, during a court break in the arrest hearing, he spoke to his mother in the corridor. Suddenly he jumped over the railing and jumped from a height of about seven meters. He was taken to hospital.

There were several defendants in the case. In addition to Piotr Bykowski, the prosecutor’s office also accused, inter alia, Danuta D., Włodzimierz W. and Ewa W.

Main photo source: TVN 24 Poznań

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