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Poznan, Lodz. “Wolf-Ram-23”. Counter-terrorists practice with the FBI. RCB warns: stay calm

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On Tuesday, the Government Security Center sent an alert to the inhabitants of Łódź and Poznań and warned against the planned anti-terrorist exercises of the police. “Keep calm. Follow the instructions of the services” – it was emphasized. Police officers train with FBI officers.

“In connection with the exercises planned for today, the RCB Alert was sent to recipients in Łódź and Poznań. Possible difficulties in communication. Keep calm. Follow the instructions of the services,” RCB reported on Twitter on Tuesday.

Exercises of “Wolf-Ram-23” officers began on Monday around 19 at two metro stations: Stare Bielany (M1) and National Stadium (M2). The officers who take part in the exercises got to know the scenario of the exercises at the last moment. The exercises include firefighters, who on checking and neutralizing a dangerous substance of unknown origin, as well as evacuating the injured.

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The police with the FBI. They were preparing in “top secret”

The organizer of the exercise under the code name “Wolf-Ram-23” is the National Police Headquarters together with the FBI’s Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction Division. The exercises will be carried out across the country on April 17-19. – The main purpose of the exercises is to respond to the police and other services in the event of a crisis situation in the form of a terrorist attack related to chemical, biological, radiation or nuclear threats. The exercises will last until Wednesday, April 19, and the individual episodes will cover the area of ​​other voivodeships, the spokesman for the Police Commander-in-Chief, Insp. Mariusz Ciarka. And he added that “the exercises were prepared in the strictest confidence.”

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Main photo source: Tomasz Zieliński, tvnwarszawa.pl/ Twitter/@RCB_RP

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