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Poznan. Museum of the Greater Poland Uprising – problems with financing. The city expects greater government participation and support from President Andrzej Duda

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Poznań authorities admit that the city cannot afford to cover half of the costs of building the Museum of the Greater Poland Uprising. – We want to talk about increasing the pool of government support. It would be good if the state’s share constituted not half, but at least 80 percent of the amount needed – says Jędrzej Solarski, deputy mayor of Poznań. And he announces that he will be asking for the support of the President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda.

The construction of the Wielkopolska Uprising Museum was to cost 200 million zlotys. Now it is known that it is impossible to make an investment at such a price. Tens of millions more are needed. As declared by the Minister of Culture and National Heritage, Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński, government support would amount to half of the costs of establishing the museum. The second was to be covered by the city budget of Poznań. The deputy mayor of the city, Jędrzej Solarski, admits that there will be a problem with collecting funds.

– We want to talk about increasing the pool of government support. It would be good if the state’s share were not half, but at least 80 percent of the amount needed. We are unable to take out a loan for this investment, and we do not see any chances of obtaining funds from external funds, explained Solarski.

The city authorities also count on the favor of President Andrzej Duda, who recently announced December 27, the day of the Wielkopolska Uprising outbreak, is a public holiday.

The vice-president of Poznań elects to the president of Duda

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The Deputy Mayor of Poznań recalled that during his meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Gliński, a declaration of government support for the construction of the new seat of the Museum of the Greater Poland Uprising 1918-1919 and the new seat of the Musical Theater in Poznań was made in the amount of half of the necessary money, estimated at PLN 300 million in total. The self-government of Poznań would have to provide the other half.


Solarski said that the city is ready to spend money on the theater, the construction of which will begin at the turn of 2022 and 2023, and is to be completed at the end of 2025. – We are not able to provide half of the necessary funds for both investments. We can afford musical theater, we cannot afford a museum – he said. According to his account, in backstage talks, President Andrzej Duda was supposed to admit that the state should finance the construction of the museum. – We want to take advantage of his favor for this investment. I am going to go to Warsaw and ask the president for support in financing the construction of the museum. I hope that the meeting will be organized as soon as possible – said Jędrzej Solarski. The deputy president added that he also wanted to talk to Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Gliński about higher than currently declared government expenditure on the construction of the museum.

There is already a building permit for the Museum of the Greater Poland Uprising

Gliński emphasized last week in Poznań that, from a formal point of view, in order to support the construction of the museum with public funds, the local government must apply to the ministry for co-management of the institution for the duration of the investment. Justyna Makowska, the director of the department of culture in Poznań, referred to this matter.

– We are in the process of making arrangements with the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage regarding a contract for the co-operation of another institution, extremely important for Poznań, the Musical Theater, which obliges the city to secure funds in the amount of PLN 150 million in the budget for 2023-2025. Decisions regarding the possibility of financial involvement in the next large investment project in the field of culture – the construction of a museum – will be possible when the financial contribution from central funds is higher than the initially assumed 50 percent of the total investment costs – she stated. So far, the city has spent PLN 5.5 million on preparing the investment from the formal side: organizing a competition for a museum design and preparing a construction project to be ready by the end of the year. The Ministry of Culture has so far donated PLN 840,000 for preparatory and design work.

At the beginning of November, the director of the Wielkopolska Museum of Independence, Przemysław Terlecki, announced that a building permit had been issued for the building of the museum. The document is valid for three years.

Museum of the Greater Poland Uprising 1918-1919

The aim of the Museum of the Greater Poland Uprising 1918-1919, which is being established in Poznań, will be to disseminate knowledge about the event and commemorate its participants. The main narrative axis of the facility will be the Greater Poland Uprising, but the permanent exhibition, in addition to the history of the uprising itself, will present the previous experiences of Greater Poland and subsequent events that can be considered the effects of the Greater Poland Uprising.

Main photo source: Museum of the Greater Poland Uprising

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