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Poznań. Natalie Portman with a visit to the Greater Poland Pediatric Center. She read her fairy tales to little patients

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American actress and activist Natalie Portman visited the Wielkopolska Pediatric Center in Poznań during her visit to Poland. There – in exchange with the American ambassador to the Republic of Poland, Marek Brzezinski and his partner – she read fairy tales to little patients. The profit from the sale of the book “Fairy Tales” by Portman published in Poland will be donated to the TVN Foundation for support in child psychiatry.

American actress Natalie Portman came to Poland and on Thursday she took part in the Impact’23 conference in Poznań. Later that day, she visited the Greater Poland Pediatric Center.

Laureate Oscar and activist, and privately a mother of two children, met with young patients to read one of her fairy tales to them. The book entitled “Bajki” by Portman and translated by Michał Rusinek on the initiative of Impact was published in Poland as the only European edition. All proceeds from the sale will be donated to the TVN Foundation, which will allocate it to support Polish child psychiatry

The proceeds from book sales will be donated to the TVN Foundation to support Polish child psychiatryImpact

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A book by actress and activist Natalie PortmanImpact

Ambassador Brzezinski also read fairy tales

The US Ambassador to Poland, Mark Brzeziński, and his partner Olga Leonowicz also visited the facility. They took turns reading fairy tales to the children.

Portman, Brzezinski and Leonowicz read to the children in exchange for fairy talesImpact

The meeting was also attended by the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region, Marek Woźniak, the Mayor of Poznań, Jacek Jaśkowiak, and the director of the hospital, Izabela Marciniak.

Main photo source: Impact

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