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Poznań, os. of the Republic. After the fire, they found explosives in the basement. Charges and arrest for a 46-year-old

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In the basement of one of the blocks of flats in the Rzeczpospolita housing estate in Poznań, he stored explosives. The 46-year-old was charged with three charges and arrested. Dangerous substances were discovered during the investigation of the fire that occurred there a few days earlier. It was necessary to evacuate the inhabitants.

It all started with a harmless fire that firefighters put out on Sunday in the basement of one of the blocks of flats in the Rzeczpospolita housing estate in Poznań. On Tuesday – during the fire investigation – unknown chemical substances of unknown origin were found there.

“Miraculously, there was no explosion” – Wielkopolska policemen wrote in social media and published a recording from the basement. The video shows chemicals seized by police officers in a basement belonging to a 46-year-old man.

“Concentrated toxic and aggressive chemicals, as mixtures, could create an explosive,” the officers said.

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During the operation, the inhabitants of one of the cages in the block were evacuated for safety reasons. The tenants were provided with shelter in a bus provided by the city hall.

Containers with chemical substances were transported to the training ground. The chemicals, after testing, have been neutralized.

Prosecutor’s office: claims he wanted to make a firecracker

The cellar owner has been arrested. This is 46-year-old Łukasz G. The man was charged on Thursday. – The first allegation concerns bringing about the risk of fire and explosion of explosives, i.e. bringing about an event that threatens the life or health of many people or property in large dimensions. The second concerns the unauthorized possession of an explosive device that the man himself constructed. The third – possession of precursors of explosives against the regulations – says Łukasz Wawrzyniak, spokesman for the District Prosecutor’s Office in Poznań.

He adds that the experts examined the substances found in the basement and conducted experiments with them, which showed that the composition of the substances found in the utility room contained substances that could be precursors of explosives.

– The man pleaded guilty. He said that this is his passion and he is a chemist by education – says Wawrzyniak. He adds: – The suspect claimed that he wanted to create a firecracker with these substances.

According to the prosecutor, the court temporarily arrested the man.

Main photo source: KWP Poznań

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