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Poznań, pl. Ratajski: Over a hundred bats in the stairwell

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120 bats trapped in the staircase of one of the tenement houses in Poznań were freed by the Polish Nature Society of Salamandra. – We have a lot of such applications at the moment. We will just intervene in the case of bats in the staircases in Nowy Tomyśl and Gorzów Wielkopolski – says Dr. Andrzej Kepel. And it advises you on how to deal with them yourself.

The Polish Society of Nature Salamandra received a notification of a “invasion” of bats in the staircase of the building at Ratajski Square in Poznań. Stuck in meter boxes.

– We recovered from there one hundred and twenty alive and unfortunately thirteen dead bats – lists Dr. Andrzej Kepel from the Polish Society for Nature Conservation “Salamandra”.

And he admits that it is no wonder during this period. – At the moment we have a lot of such applications. We will intervene in the case of bats in the staircases in Nowy Tomyśl and Gorzów Wielkopolski – he says.

The period of migration of mating small and tiny dwarfs – the smallest Polish bats has begun. – In the morning after migration, they must hide. They treat an open window as an invitation, like entering a cave. And when he already flies inside, others hear him and fly to him – he explains.

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Photocells are their curse

Usually bats spent one to four nights in one place, but now it happens more and more often that it lasts much longer, because bats are unable to get out of the room. They get stuck in various traps unconsciously created by man. Traps that weren’t there before, or there were fewer of them before.

The first is motion detectors that turn on lights. – – When it gets dark in the evening, the bats want to fly out, but as soon as they move, the lights come on again. They then think it’s daytime again and give up the flight, fearing daytime predators, says Kepel. – It can happen many times until the morning – he adds.

After a few days, the bats trapped by the light begin to die of hunger and exhaustion. – If we are dealing with such a situation, and there are few bats, about a dozen or so, there is a simple method for it: turn off the detector or unscrew the light bulb and open the window for them in the dark. Before midnight, remember to close this window so that they will not come back to us – instructs Kepel.

They fly in, but cannot fly out

The second trap that awaits them is various plastic and metal boxes, for example with meters. In the past, there were fewer of them, now there are more of them, because they are installed separately from the Internet. And it is in such a box that bats got stuck in a tenement house in Poznań.

– When one bat enters such a box and speaks, others come to it. If the boxes have an opening at the top, bats can fly into them without any problem. But they already have a problem with the exhaust, because they can’t fly vertically like a helicopter. If you do not help them, they will, unfortunately, die en masse. They die there by tens or even hundreds – he explains.

A bat stick?

In Gorzów Wielkopolski, on Monday, about 600 bats were saved from one of the boxes in the staircase. Unfortunately, an unknown number was previously killed.

– The housing cooperative was not interested in helping the residents. As a result, someone started to do on their own. When we got there, we saw bloody marks on the ceiling. Someone was probably hitting them with a brush stick, says Kepel.

The Salamandra has just received a report that the problem has returned. “We’re going there to release about a hundred bats,” says Kepel.

They have a similar intervention “on the way” – in Nowy Tomyśl. Recently, they also intervened in one of the hospitals in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship. A group of bats visited the orthopedic ward there. Fortunately, it was enough to turn off the lights and open the windows there, says Kepel.

Do you have bats? Bell

Salamandra calls for contact with specialists in the event of a problem with the mass appearance of bats in the staircase.

– We have a 24/7 contact number that you can call. When we ask about the details of a given situation, we either instruct on the phone what to do or we go to the place – explains Kepel.

Bats in the stairwell. The expert advises what to do19.08.PTOP Salamandra

And reminds that bats are under strict species protection, do not pose a threat to humans, do not get tangled up in the hair and … do not bring bad luck.

In Poznań and Greater Poland, such interventions are subsidized. Outside this region, Salamandra intervenes at its own expense, mainly from the resources of 1 percent of the tax paid to public benefit organizations.

Main photo source: PTOP Salamandra

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