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Poznań, Podgórna Street. A struggle between the rescuer and passers-by. The police are looking for witnesses

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They have a video from one of the passers-by and they know who was to be aggressive towards the rescuers. Police officers from Poznań explain the circumstances of the scuffle that took place in the city center. They are looking for witnesses who have seen the entire incident. All because the video at the disposal of the officers does not show the entire incident.

An investigation has been underway for several days on a struggle between a paramedic and two young people. It is about an incident that took place on the night of September 4-5 in Podgórna Street in Poznań. A rescue team was called there to help an unconscious woman. And it was during this intervention that the rescuers were to be accosted by aggressive passers-by.


Police appeal to witnesses

The police were called to the scene. The patrol identified the suspects. Both the woman and the man were under the influence of alcohol. On Monday, after the incident, a paramedic reported to the police and officially filed a report. In addition, the officers who are dealing with this case have secured a video of several dozen seconds, which was recorded by one of the witnesses of the incident. You can see the struggle between the rescuer and passers-by.

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– The prosecutor, who had already read these materials, asked the police officers to turn to any witnesses who had seen the whole situation via the mass media, so that they could testify and tell us what happened there from the very beginning, and this is quite important information for an objective assessment of the whole matter. The secured recording in this case does not present the entire incident – says Andrzej Borowiak, spokesman for the Greater Poland Police.

If it turns out that the rescuers’ bodily integrity was violated and that they were insulted, the perpetrators may face up to three years in prison.

After a while, a man joined the struggleWTK Television

What happened before the scuffle?

The recording published by the WTK television lasts several dozen seconds. You can see the paramedic stepping away from the ambulance and walking quickly behind the man who nervously looks back. After walking a few meters, the rescuer turns back and goes to the ambulance. Then a woman appears on his way and tries to attack him with the bottle. The woman misses, the rescuer avoids the blow. At this point, the man, who was previously followed by the medic, reappears next to the rescuer. The man joins the scuffle, and the pushed woman soon bumps into a shop window.

The spokesman for the Provincial Ambulance Service in Poznań referred to the situation. He told the TVN24 reporter what was about to happen before the witness of the event began recording it. – Rescuers arrived, got out of the car and in the first moments the people around them were very aggressive. They had a problem with the traffic lights on, blinding them. They had a problem with the lifeguard holding the tablet, which is our normal work tool. Maybe someone interpreted it that the paramedic is watching social media. As a consequence, the rescuers moved back to the ambulance and asked the police patrol for support and waited in the car, reported Robert Judek, spokesman for the Provincial Ambulance Service in Poznań, shortly after the incident.

As he explains, the withdrawal of the team in a dangerous situation is a normal procedure that is supposed to prevent the escalation of emotions. – When the group moved away, the rescuers returned to the injured person. Unfortunately, these people noticed that the rescuers were away from the ambulance and returned. One person hit the rescuer with his fist in the face. The rest of what happened can be seen in the recording. The lifeguard is trying to chase the attacker away – said Judek.

Main photo source: WTK Television

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