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Poznań. Sambar spotted was born at the New Zoo

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The spotted sambar was born in Poznań’s New Zoo. It is a representative of an endangered species that lives in the wild on the Philippine islands.

The spotted sambar was until recently called Alfred’s deer, he was born on Monday morning. “The toddler is very energetic, he drinks milk, we watch him with a hidden camera” – wrote the Poznań zoo.

For now, the keepers of this species do not look inside, so as not to disturb the young mother and her child.

They live on two islands

His birth is an important event. The spotted sambar is one of the rarest mammals in the world. It is found naturally on the islands of Negros and Panay Philippines. Its population is estimated at about 700 individuals. It is endangered due to intensive hunting and deforestation.

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In the wild, spotted sambars usually live in groups of three to five individuals. These animals are active at dusk and at night.

This endangered species is bred in 29 gardens and reserves around the world. There are a total of 139 individuals in all the farms in the world. In Poland, they can be seen in Poznań and Gdańsk. One male, two females and one cub, born on Monday, currently live in the Poznań zoo. The garden doesn’t know its gender yet.

Not the first such birth

The toddler from Poznań is currently feeding on mother’s milk. After half a year, he will start switching to a diet characteristic of his species – he will nibble on grass and leaves. It will become fully independent after about a year. Adult individuals reach a height of 75 to 80 cm, with females being smaller than males. On average, they live about 17 years.

Pregnancy of the spotted sambar lasts an average of 240 days, and the female gives birth to one young.

In the capital of Wielkopolska, spotted sambara can be seen since 2001. The zoo in Poznań was the first garden in Poland to successfully breed this rare species. Over 20 young of this species have already been born in the capital of Wielkopolska.

Main photo source: Poznan Zoo

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