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Poznań. Sentence for the “king of the granddaughter mafia”. “Hoss” legally sentenced – the court reduced the sentence

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The Court of Appeal in Poznań sentenced Arkadiusz Ł. ps. “Hoss”. to six years in prison for fraud committed by the “grandson” method. The judgment is final.

On Wednesday, the Court of Appeal in Poznań issued a final judgment – it sentenced “Hoss” to six years in prison, including the period of pre-trial detention. Thus, he changed the judgment previously issued by the court of first instance.

Arkadiusz Ł. was charged by the prosecutor’s office with a number of frauds and fraud attempts committed from May 2013 to April 2014. “Hoss” had – as part of an organized crime group operating in Warsaw, Switzerland and Germany – to extort money and jewelry with a total value of about two million zlotys. Arkadiusz Ł. allegedly misled his interlocutors by pretending to be their close friends or family members. The accused pleaded not guilty and refused to testify before the court.

In February 2021, the District Court in Poznań decided that Hoss is guilty all charges against him and sentenced him to 6.5 years in prison. In addition, he ordered the defendant to pay the victims about two million zlotys.

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Prosecutor’s office: they were misleading, they extorted money

According to the prosecutor’s office, “Hoss” with the help of “colleagues” extorted money and jewelry with a total value of about two million zlotys. According to the prosecutor’s office, he was active in Warsaw, Switzerland and Germanyalways within an organized group.

The court of first instance confirmed the findings of the investigators, according to which Arkadiusz Ł. and his people were to mislead their interlocutors by pretending to be their close friends or family members. – They typed them on the basis of lists in telephone books, called and explained that they were in trouble, needed cash, they also extorted jewelry – TVN24 reporter Aleksander Przybylski reported.

– When imposing the penalty, the court took into account the criminal record of the accused at the time of filing the indictment, the issue of age and health (according to the defender, Ł. had heart problems – ed.), and the fact that the accused had already been legally convicted of identical acts and timely, the court reasoned.

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The judgment was invalid.

Arkadiusz Ł. “Hoss” detained in WarsawTwitter/@BorowiakPolicja

Conclusions of the parties

The prosecutor appealed against this ruling, pointing to the gross incommensurability of the imposed penalty and demanding that Arkadiusz Ł. be sentenced to a total penalty of 13 years in prison. The defense lawyers, in turn, requested that the accused be acquitted, or alternatively, that the judgment of the court of first instance be set aside and the case be remanded for reconsideration. Attorney Paweł Głuchowski indicated, among others, to numerous doubts as to the legality of wiretaps, which are the main evidence in the case. At the end of March, the case was heard by the Court of Appeal in Poznań. Arkadiusz Ł., who was in prison, was not brought to the trial. Court, due to Due to the complexity and extensiveness of the case, he postponed the issuance of a final judgment in this case until April 5.

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Validly sentenced in 2020

Arkadiusz Ł. has already been punished for fraud with the “grandson” method. The first “Hoss” trial began before the Poznań district court in mid-2017. The investigators then accused him of participating in a criminal group and extortion or attempted extortion – in Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg in 2012-2014 – in total the equivalent of several million zlotys in various currencies and valuables: jewelry, gold and gold coins. The victims were mainly elderly people, often alone. The man allegedly misled citizens of other countries as to their identity, pretending to be close relatives or acquainted with them. He also pretended to be a police officer. In 2019, the Poznań district court sentenced Arkadiusz Ł. to a penalty seven years in prison. Both the prosecutor’s office and the defense lawyers appealed against the verdict of the court of first instance.

In November 2020, the Court of Appeal in Poznań sentenced Arkadiusz Ł. to six years in prison. However, it acquitted him of two acts of fraud, citing insufficient evidence. The judgment was final.

Main photo source: Twitter/@BorowiakPolicja

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