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Poznan. Several thousand inhabitants of Jeżyce without heating and hot water

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In Poznań’s Jeżyce district, the replacement of the pipeline has started, so some residents do not have hot water and cannot count on heating. This situation is expected to last until Wednesday. The company that is carrying out the work explains that due to earlier “actions of the developer, it can do it only now”.

On Monday, from 5.30 am, the inhabitants of Jeżyce in Poznań are deprived of heat supplies and it will be so until Wednesday. The problem concerns several thousand people living in selected buildings on the following streets: Kościelna, Mylna, Dąbrowskiego, Wawrzyniec, Żurawia, Jeżycka, Norwid and Poznańska. Reason: investment work. – On these streets there are tenement houses and blocks that are connected to the heating network, and now they are not heated and have no access to hot water. Residents are resentful. They do not understand why such work is already carried out during the heating season – reports TVN24 reporter Aleksander Przybylski.


How do the residents of Jeżyce cope without hot water and heating?TVN24

Previously, this was not possible

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– The activities carried out on Kościelna Street result directly from the investment activities carried out by an external developer. (…) We wanted to carry out these works before the start of the heating season, but due to the investment activities carried out by the developer, we can do it only now – says TVN24 Olga Fasiecka from Veolia Energia Poznań.

As Fasiecka explains, it was not possible to carry out the works earlier, because the developer modified the scope of his activities “for formal, legal and technical reasons.” – Previously, heat was distributed in that area in Jeżyce because a temporary pipeline had been installed. it to the target one, which will ensure heat supply with the right parameters for current and future residents, regardless of changing weather conditions – adds Fasiecka.


When will they have heating again?

Works on the connection are to last until Wednesday. This means that the residents of Jeżyce can count on the situation to return to normal on Wednesday evening. How do the residents deal with these inconveniences? Some people bathe in cold water, others use the courtesy of nearby friends or family. Some people combine showering with going to the gym. where you can use the showers after training. – We go to the neighbors to bathe. And it’s not the first time that we don’t have hot water. Previously, it was exactly before the start of the school year, and this was also due to the new construction being built here – one of the residents tells TVN24.

– I realize that the developer has a lot of strength and power, but three days without hot water is a bit of an exaggeration. I understand if it was with breaks, because there are different jobs, but three days is not – adds another resident of Jeżyce.

Main photo source: TVN24

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