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Poznan, Szymborska. The road collapsed after a sewer failure

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On Tuesday, a road collapsed on Szymborska Street in Poznań as a result of a sewage failure. Although two days have passed since its discovery, only barriers have been set up. – Repair works will start on Monday – announces Zofia Koszutska-Taciak, spokeswoman for Aquanet. We got information and photos on Kontakt24.

The breakdown at Łazarz in Poznań occurred on Tuesday. “From 12:05 until further notice, due to the collapse of the road on Szymborska Street, buses of line 164 run a detour through Reymonta Street (they do not skip any stops)” – informed the Municipal Transport Company in Poznań.

“The gap is very deep”

“I was driving by on Wednesday around noon and noticed this hole. They just started to close the street and put up safety barriers. The gap is very deep – says Mr. Lesław, who Contact24 sent a video showing the collapsed road.

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Breach on ul. SzymborskaContact 24

The man lives in Łazarz, near the breach. – Today around 8 am I was already there, I wanted to see if anything was going on, but for now it is only secured – he added.

Mr. Lesław wondered what could have caused the breach. – No heavy trucks go this way. I don’t know what could have caused such a deep hole.

The street is impassableContact 24

Don’t worry, it’s just an outage

It turns out that there was a sewage failure. A team with an inspection camera had to arrive to determine exactly what had happened.

– The sewer has been damaged. Since the failure was detected, the street has been closed to traffic – says Zofia Koszutska-Taciak, spokeswoman for Aquanet.

Repair work, however, could not be started because cars parked on the street prevent it. “On Thursday, we put up signs prohibiting stopping. Now we have to wait two days so that the police can remove those cars whose owners will not move – explains Koszutska-Taciak.

Closed streetContact 24

Work is due to start on Monday, April 3. “We have to dig a trench, get to the point of failure and repair the damaged section. Then we have to cover this place and lay asphalt – enumerates Koszutska-Taciak.

Completion of the works is expected at the end of next week.

Main photo source: Contact 24

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