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Poznan. The driver ran a red light through the intersection. Police video, policemen are in pursuit

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500 zlotys and six penalty points – this was the penalty for a 21-year-old who ran a red light at a busy intersection in Poznań. Unfortunately for him, the policemen recorded the whole situation. Luckily, no one else was passing through the intersection.

The dangerous situation took place on November 16 at 12.08 on Warszawska Street in Poznań. The policemen, who were driving in an unmarked police car towards the center, were going to turn left into St. Michael’s Street. They drove up to the cars waiting for the green light in front of the intersection when the red light came on for the drivers ahead. At that moment, a car, driving in the adjacent lane, passed and entered the intersection at high speed, on a red light.


The incident took place at ul. WarszawskaKMP Poznań

“Red light on the signal? For many road users this information is still a suggestion”

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The policemen followed the driver and stopped him to punish him for the offense. If another vehicle was driving along the cross St. Michael’s Street, a collision could occur.

“Red light on a signal? Unfortunately, for many road users this information is still a suggestion, not an indication …” – wrote the police from Poznań on Facebook, publishing a recording showing the entire situation.

According to the officers, the 21-year-old driver was fined PLN 500 and with 6 penalty points.

Main photo source: KMP Poznań

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