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Poznań, the intersection of Bałtycka and Gnieźnieńska Streets. Someone has abandoned dozens of rubbish dumpers. The case was dealt with by the municipal police

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One of the residents of Poznań noticed a gigantic pile of rubbish. He informed the municipal police about the case. It turned out that someone – on a private plot – had dumped several dozen tippers full of waste. The owner of the property, however, insisted that the rubbish did not belong to him.

A district guard from Nowe Miasto received a notification of a littered area at the intersection of Bałtycka and Gnieźnieńska Streets. On the spot, it turned out that the area was littered with earth masses, debris and any waste in the amount of at least several dozen dump trucks.

– A shocking sight. We haven’t seen anything like this for a long time – admits Anna Nowaczyk from the Poznań city guard.


The officer immediately started determining the owner of the area, and informed the Environmental Protection Department about the dump.

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Heap of garbageMunicipal Police in Poznań

They set up a camera trap

Then, an on-site inspection was carried out on the plot, attended by city guards, WOŚ and the owner of the plot. The latter did not hide his amazement at the situation. – The owner of the plot firmly stated that the rubbish does not belong to him – informed Nowaczyk.

In order to detect possible perpetrators, it was decided to set up a photo trap on the plot. However, this one did not catch anyone who would throw garbage in this place.

Plot after tidying upMunicipal Police in Poznań

– Therefore, the owner of the property cleared the area at his own expense, for which he presented the relevant bills. This was also confirmed by a second inspection of the guard – concludes Nowaczyk

Main photo source: Municipal Police in Poznań

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