Poznań. The Jeżycki milk bar closes its business after 50 years


The increase in bills is tiring for all entrepreneurs – said Hieronim Twardosz, head of the administrative and technical section in Społem in Poznań, in an interview with TVN24 Biznes, confirming that the legendary Jeżycki milk bar in Poznań is closing after 50 years. – We paid PLN 200 per megawatt hour for gas, now we pay PLN 1,032 – he explained.

A note appeared on the door of a milk bar in Poznań with information that the place was closed. After almost 50 years of operating in this place, we are forced to close our beloved Jeżycki bar.

At the same time, it was explained that the manager was forced to “take such a difficult decision” by “drastic increases in gas and electricity prices, as well as the ever-increasing costs of raw materials and high inflation“.

We hope that you will fondly remember our lazy dumplings and tomato soup.

Bar Jeżycki in Poznańtogether

Increase in gas and electricity prices

– Yes, unfortunately we are forced to close the bar after nearly 50 years of operation – Hieronim Twardosz, head of the administrative and technical section in Społem, manager of the milk bar, confirmed in an interview with TVN24 Biznes.

He explained that previously gas had to be paid at PLN 200 per megawatt hour (MWh). – At the moment, we pay PLN 1,032 per megawatt hour – he added.

– We are still waiting for a decision on whether the price will be frozen at the level from the previous year, when a metawatt hour cost PLN 200 – he emphasized. – The bill was voted in the Senate, there are amendments to it. A vote in the Sejm is to take place this week, he noted.

The Senate approved an amendment to the Act on Enforcement Proceedings in Administration and some other acts, extending the group of companies entitled to cheaper gas. It enables all bakeries and confectioneries to purchase gas at a reduced price of PLN 200.17 per MWh. The amendment aims to ensure that also bakeries that do not meet the condition of the so-called the criterion of the basic code and without applying the criterion of the percentage share of costs related to the sale of bread and confectionery products in the entire activity of the entity.

However, the problem of the gas bill is not the only one. – Electricity price increased by 50 percent – noted Hieronim Twardosz and added that “all entrepreneurs are tired”. “It’s a topic that’s been rolled out by the government,” he noted.

There were many seniors among the customers of the milk bar. Hieronim Twardosz reminded that the offer of the milk bar allowed to eat lunch for about PLN 17. – And the whole dinner set cost between 22 and 25 zlotys – he said.

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