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Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Poznan. The Palliative Perinatal Care Team organized a military picnic at Lake Strzeszyński

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A military picnic for little warriors and their families. In Poznań, on Lake Strzeszyński, an event was organized to support families with children with incurable diseases or birth defects. – The picnic is to publicize the fact that help exists, is available and gives concrete results – emphasize the organizers.

Parents whose children were born with incurable diseases or birth defects can count on the professional help of the Palliative Perinatal Care Team at the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital at Polna Street. However, parents expecting a seriously ill child to be born often do not know where to seek help.

The purpose of the military picnic is to remind you that aid does exist

– Crushed by the diagnosis, they do not even seek help, they do not know that there are forms of palliative care for unborn children. When someone shakes hands with them, they use it. We see the effects of this care. But until someone tells them that such care exists, they remain mired in their catastrophe. This picnic is to publicize the fact that help exists, is available and gives concrete results – said Dr. Monika Borkowska-Kłos, head of the Palliative Perinatal Care Team at GPSK.


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Demonstrations with the participation of services have been plannedFB – Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital in Poznań

As she added, sometimes parents find out only at the time of the birth of a child that it will either always be sick or will live shortly. – Celebrating the birth turns into a disaster for them. We want to bring this difficult topic out of embarrassment, depression, and often loneliness. Parents’ involvement in care and rehabilitation teaches them how to best care for their children and helps them regain the essence of the bond. Apart from sadness, you have to get every good moment, because there is always not enough time – emphasized Borkowska-Kłos.

The fact that this help is to be remembered by the military picnic taking place on Sunday at Strzeszyński Lake. It is attended by: firefighters, soldiers, policemen and medics. – I recognized this problem inside out. I saw how it all looks, how much work needs to be put into the rehabilitation of such a child, that it does not only end with a stay in the hospital and what needs to be done next. On the other hand, the doctor and her team not only save lives and rehabilitate these newborns, but also teach parents how to help their children after leaving the hospital. And we are here today supporting this initiative – said TVN24, participant of the event Marcin Józefowski.

What are they collecting funds for?

One of the goals of the picnic is to raise money to support the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital at ul. Polna w Poznaniu (GPSK) care for young patients and their families in a situation where the child’s disease is not fully curable and is associated with a palliative mode of care.

That is why the funds collected during the picnic will be allocated to training and support for parents for post-hospital care, educational materials and the purchase of blankets and sensory gloves that will help to tame children with touch. – We want our little patients to become, even for a short period of time, children – their parents’ children. Hence the idea that our hospital should have access to “home” clothes, caps, wraps and blankets – said Dr. Monika Borkowska-Kłos.

But the picnic is not only to popularize knowledge about the methods of support for parents, siblings and other family members of seriously ill children. It is also to publicize the need to educate medical personnel in this matter – to a greater extent than provided for by medical schools. – Palliative care is extremely emotional. Workshops for people who provide this care are necessary practically all the time. In order to organize them at a good level, funds are needed, said Dr. Borkowska-Kłos.

Many people got involved in the picnicFB – Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital in Poznań

They took care of 70 families

Since the beginning of 2021, GPSK specialists have taken care of over 70 families from the Wielkopolskie and Lubuskie voivodeships, expecting the birth of children with incurable disease or birth defects. – Including cases when it turned out that the child was seriously ill only during the delivery, we can talk about about a hundred families that we took care of from the beginning of this year. We have very good diagnostics of defects and severe diseases. In Wielkopolska and the Lubuskie Voivodeship, we act as a prenatal diagnostic center. We catch many difficult situations early enough that we can recognize the scale of the problem in a specific child and, if possible, start treatment – emphasized the doctor. The planned picnic attractions include: rescue shows by firefighters and medics, shows of weapons and military equipment, auctions, meetings with experts and attractions for children. The N neonatal ambulance parked at the picnic for the transport of life-threatening newborns. Medics from GPSK, soldiers from the Wiarus Reserve Club and Poznań policemen have announced their participation in the event. GPSK is the largest neonatal center in Poland.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital in PoznańTVN24

Main photo source: FB – Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital in Poznań

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