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Saturday, September 18, 2021

Poznan. The Redemptoris Mission Foundation sends humanitarian aid to Lebanon

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Half a ton of dressings – such a transport will depart today from Poznań to Lebanon, which is engulfed by the economic crisis. The donations were collected by the Redemptoris Missio Foundation and will be transported by Polish soldiers. – Every help is important, even ad hoc – says the president of the foundation.

The Foundation for Humanitarian Aid “Redemptoris Missio” collected in Poland half a ton of dressing materials (bandages, gauze, compresses, hygiene products – editor’s note). All of them will be donated to medical facilities in Lebanon. – The state hospitals there are literally missing everything. There is also a lack of drugs, which are very expensive and have to be imported from abroad. One year after the Beirut outbreak, Lebanon is experiencing an economic crisis that is deepening. That is why any help is important, even the ad hoc – said Justyna Janiec-Palczewska, president of the foundation, to TVN24.


The dressings will go to hospitals in LebanonRedemptoris Missio

Polish gifts from Poland will be delivered by Polish receiving soldiers participation in the UN mission in Lebanonwhose main purpose is to monitor the ceasefire between Lebanon and Israel in the area of ​​the so-called blue line and to protect the local population. The transport of funds from Poznań will start today, on Monday. Dressings should be delivered to Lebanon in early September. – Every, even this immediate help is important. Today we are sending over half a ton of aid, but so far we have provided 30 tonnes of this aid. We hope that we will continue this, because everything is needed there, says Janiec-Palczewska.

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The gifts were collected as part of the campaign “Dressing to the rescue”.

The gifts will be transported by Polish soldiersRedemptoris Missio

Over 200 people died

The chemical explosion in the port occurred on August 4, 2020. More than 200 people were killed, thousands were injured, and tens of thousands were left homeless. The city still cannot shake off the tragedy and many of its inhabitants still need help. The devastating outbreak in the capital was yet another blow to a country plunged for years into a political and economic crisis, still suffering from the effects of the 1975 civil war and subsequent conflicts.

Beirut in flames. Photo taken on August 4, 2020PAP / EPA / WAEL HAMZEH

The substance that exploded on August 4, 2020, razing a large part of Beirut to the ground was ammonium nitrate. Several hundred tons of these chemicals have been stored since 2014 in a dilapidated warehouse in the capital’s port. The international human rights NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) has recommended the establishment of a UN inquiry mission to investigate the conduct of senior Lebanese officials.

In the 126-page HRW report documented numerous shortcomings Lebanese authorities regarding the safety and management of these hazardous materials from their arrival in the port until their explosion.


Port of Beirut where the explosion occurredGoogle Maps

The World Bank forecasts that the economic and financial crisis in Lebanon will be in the top ten, and most likely in the top three of the largest crises in the world since the mid-nineteenth century. Rapidly rising inflation and unemployment make every second Lebanese live in poverty today . The value of the Lebanese pound is declining, with inflation hitting 84.3% last year. A few hours of electricity a day, lines for gas, no drugs – this is the reality of Lebanon. The poor are even poorer, the sick die from lack of drugs and electricity.

Lebanon is also the country that has accepted the largest number of refugees in relation to the number of inhabitants and area of ​​the country. In a country that had a population of about 4 million, it appeared 1.5 million refugees from Syria.

They offer help to clinics and hospitals

The Humanitarian Aid Foundation “Redemptoris Missio” was established in Poznań in 1992. It was established in order to create a professional base for Polish missionaries who conduct medical activities among the sick in the poorest countries of the world. It offers humanitarian aid and medical staff for mission clinics and hospitals.

Main photo source: Redemptoris Missio

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