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Poznań. The Third Way expelled a candidate for his posts about Palestinians

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Paweł Norbert Strzelecki was to run from the Third Way list for the Poznań City Council. After posting entries on the X website regarding the war in the Gaza Strip, he was expelled from the party and asked to withdraw from running in the elections.

“How many times has Israel offered lasting peace to the Palestinians since 1948? These primitives from Gaza have chosen to forever lose the wars they lost three generations ago. Their terrorist leaders must die” – this entry by Paweł Norbert Strzelecki on the X website outraged some Internet users.

Entry by Paweł Norbert Strzeleckitwitter.com/pnstrzelecki

After the Razem party's entry, it disappeared from the list

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– This was reported to us by one of the activists of the Razem party, who forwarded this entry regarding Palestine. As the person running Twitter (currently portal also running for the city council (from another district) from KWW Społeczny Poznań.

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“Level hard. Przemysław Plewiński – do you really want on your lists a man who demands the extermination of another nation?” – Kucharski wrote on Razem Poznań.

The reaction was immediate. Two and a half hours after posting the entry, Przemysław Plewiński informed about the consequences drawn against the candidate. “Today, at the request of the Regional Management Board, the National Board of Polski 2050 SH excluded Paweł Strzelecki from the group of members. On Monday, the would-be candidate will resign from running in the elections,” wrote the Third Way candidate for the mayor of Poznań.

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As Kucharski says, the presence of Paweł Norbert Strzelecki on the Third Way lists was a surprise to him. – We have had negative experiences with him. He has been insulting our candidates for a long time and has a very anti-left approach, he said.

An unexpected jump

Paweł Norbert Strzelecki was to run from the fourth place in district no. 4 in Poznań, covering Rataje, Żegrze, Starołęka, Krzesiny, Głuszyna, Dębiec and Świerczewo. After removing the candidate from the Third Way list, candidates from places 5-8 jumped up one place. Many of them have not yet managed to change this in their election materials.

Candidates from lower places were “promoted” one step higherFacebook.com / Iwona Dolata

Husband in opposition to his wife

Paweł Norbert Strzelecki is a legal advisor from Poznań. Before he was in the Third Way, he was in the Agreement Jarosław Gowina and the Civic Platform, from which he tried twice – in 2006 and 2010 – without success – to get to the city council. Privately, he is the husband of Law and Justice councilor Klaudia Strzelecka, head of the electoral staff of Zbigniew Czerwiński, the candidate of the United Right for the mayor of Poznań.

Klaudia Strzelecka, PiS councilor from Poznańtvn24

Main photo source: Facebook.com / Przemysław Plewiński

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