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Poznań, the trial of Ewa Tylman. They will examine new evidence. The court wants to know who the two phone numbers belong to

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Another hearing was held in the Poznań court, in the second trial concerning the death of Ewa Tylman. Recently, new evidence has been attached to the indictment: a package with a letter and two telephones. According to “Głos Wielkopolski”, the court wants to know who the phone numbers of the delivered phone belong to.

Ewa Tylman went missing in November 2015, and after a few months her body was fished out of Warta. According to the prosecutor’s office, on November 23, 2015, Adam Z. pushed Ewa Tylman off the slope, and then threw her unconscious into the water. The alleged murder with a possible intention by the prosecution is punishable by up to 25 years in prison or with life imprisonment.

The first trial lasted 843 days, heard 75 witnesses, and several twists and turns in the courtroom. The accused answered questions from behind the armored glass, and the courtroom at the first hearings was filled to the brim with crowds of interested in the case. There were so many of them that the court gave out passes. The prosecution wanted Adam Z. to answer for the murder of Ewa Tylman and demanded 15 years in prison. The family went a step further – they wanted the maximum possible penalty (in the case of murder it is life imprisonment).

The defense argued that Adam Z. had not committed the alleged act – neither in the form of murder or failure to help – and asked for an acquittal. Z. also emphasized all the time that he was innocent. And after two and a half years, the court complied with it. Adam Z. was acquitted. In January 2020, the sentence was revokedand the case was remitted.


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Shipment with letter and phones

The trial started on March 18. During the second hearing in May, judge Katarzyna Obst announced that new evidence had been attached to the case file. This package with a letter and two mobile phones. They were received by a detective office, which sent them to the police station in Łódź.

The sender introduced himself as “Wojtek Afera”: “The item in question, as a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, was received in accordance with the address. The indicated parcel contained two cell phones and an A4 sheet of paper with content in a large bubble envelope” – informed the detective agency. In the letter, the sender wrote: “I sent them to the address of your agency, the information on the envelope is false for security reasons, because she does not want to end up like Ewa Tylman”.

The judge read the contents of this letter at the previous hearing. She added that according to the information provided to the court, the telephones were not activated in the detective’s office, but immediately handed over to the police, which sent the evidence to the court. – In connection with the above, a decision will be issued – after determining the data of the relevant expert from the Provincial Police Headquarters in Poznań – that both telephones should be opened, checked by an authorized person, and all content contained in these telephones should be was printed so that transcripts were created. So that it can be determined whether any information contained within these phones is contained – if there is any – could be checked in such a way that there is no allegation of any interference with the content that may be in these phones placed, the judge said then.

Who did the phones belong to?

According to the scheduled date, another hearing was held on August 5 at 9.30 am. And there judge Katarzyna Obst referred to the evidence provided in May. According to “Głos Wielkopolski”, the judge allowed the request of the auxiliary prosecutor and the prosecutor. This means that the court will ask mobile operators to disclose the personal and address data of mobile phone users, which may contain content about the death of Ewa Tylman.

The representative of the Tylman family pointed out that the above-mentioned evidence may shed new light on the whole case. – Will this evidence lead us somewhere else? I don’t know, I’m skeptical. However, it is difficult to underestimate this information, which is against someone and is being conducted in the case – said the attorney in an interview with “Głos Wielkopolski”.

Thursday’s case was postponed until October.

In court since 2017

The first trial of Adam Z. was held before the Poznań district court from January 2017. According to the prosecutor’s office, on November 23, 2015, Adam Z. was supposed to push Ewa Tylman off the slope, and then throw the unconscious woman into the water. The alleged murder with a possible intention by the prosecution is punishable by up to 25 years in prison or with life imprisonment. The accused did not plead guilty during the trial.

In total, 18 hearings were held, during which 75 witnesses were questioned. Among them were representatives of the families of Ewa Tylman and Adam Z. and their friends. Including participants of the unlucky event, reports of which were presented by 12 people. The prisoners whom Adam Z. was supposed to meet in the arrest were also questioned, as well as one of the guards.

People who were not known to Adam Z. and Ewa Tylman were called as witnesses, but they had accidentally come across them. This includes “black figure” – a man who followed the couple down Mostowa Street and could see what happened by the river, but it was impossible to establish his identity for a long time. Was the “night hunter” – a fish supplier, who visited Poznań twice a week and, at the same time, brought home women returning from parties, and on November 23 in the morning he was crossing the St. Roch. There was also a random man whom the accused was supposed to call, mistaking the number, or the woman who found Ewa Tylman’s ID card and her friend.

TVN24, Głos Wielkopolski

Main photo source: TVN 24

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