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Poznan. There was supposed to be a golf course, there will be a forest

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In the past, ornamental plants were planted here, then a golf course was to be built here. However, the city decided that there should be trees in this place. They have just started to be planted at the Poznań Krzyżownikach. They are to create a new forest.

When, for the first time in 2002, the idea to turn the former ornamental plant nursery in Krzyżownik into a golf course emerged, the inhabitants of this district of Poznań began to protest. For them, these plots were green areas they went for walks. Moreover, they are located in the western wedge of greenery, i.e. an area that should not be developed.

Plans changed

Despite protests, the city did not give up. From 2005, it was looking for an investor willing to lease this area for 30 years and create a golf course. Unsuccessfully.

Two years ago, the final decision on this place was made. The city decided to allocate them to the inhabitants and create a forest there.

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– We want to afforest a large area within the city limits. We intend to plant 184,000 trees on 23 hectares of land, and to supplement the existing tree stand on the remaining part of the plot, creating a place of high natural and ecological value – emphasized Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań.


– The afforestation of the area and the cessation of efforts to build the golf course is fully justified. For 14 years, no investor became interested in the idea of ​​creating a golf course – said Mieczysław Broński, director of Zakład Lasów Poznańskich.

In October 2020, the entire area was secured and made available to residents (e.g. elements threatening safety were removed and pedestrian paths were prepared). However, planting trees had to wait for a change in the spatial development plan for this area.

– The plan assumes not only increasing the forest cover of the area located in the north-west green wedge, but also increasing its attractiveness. It will be helped by designating zones where sports and recreational facilities could appear. Thanks to this, in the area of ​​the former nursery, among others, sports fields, courts, playgrounds and outdoor gyms. The new plan will also enable the adaptation of the existing buildings to provide services – sports, catering and related to educational, cultural and health activities – explains Natalia Weremczuk, director of the Miejska Pracownia Urbanistyczna.

The great planting has begun

Now the announcements are becoming a fact. Already in November, almost 28,000 oaks and lindens with an admixture of beeches, maples and birches will be planted there, and this is just the beginning. Ultimately, the forest area will amount to 55 hectares and approx. 270 thousand hectares. trees.

– This investment is important not only for local residents, but also for all residents of Poznań and Poznań. The forest is a natural shield that protects against air pollution, high temperatures and counteracts the effects of climate change, as well as a great place for recreation and relaxation. The undertaking would not be possible if it were not for the city councilors who agreed to change the local spatial development plan for this area – said Jacek Jaśkowiak, Mayor of Poznań.

The entire area is about 60 hectares, more than half of which (32 hectares) is covered with tall greenery. However, the tree density in this place is very irregular. Therefore, additional plantings are planned. The remaining area, not overgrown with tall greenery (with an area of ​​23 hectares), will be forested.

In November, plantings will be carried out on the first 5 hectares. At the beginning, 27,900 native seedlings of deciduous trees will be planted. Due to the habitat conditions, these will be mainly small-leaved oaks and lindens with an admixture of beeches, maples and birches. The local residents joined the action at the initiative of the Krzyżownik-Smochowice Housing Estate Council and the Strzeszyn Housing Estate Council. The president of Poznań also took part in it. The next trees will be planted successively in the coming years.

Jacek Jaśkowiak is planting a treeUMP

– The implementation of this task is particularly important in the era of progressive climate change, in particular in the field of carbon dioxide absorption by forests, oxygen production, mitigation of the “urban heat island” effect, water retention, dust absorption, noise reduction and production of health-promoting substances – explains Mieczysław Broński , director of Zakłady Lasów Poznańskie.

They are looking for vacancies

According to the spatial development plan adopted on Tuesday, the area between Słupska, Polanowska and Białoborska Streets will also play a recreational and educational role, which will be implemented in the coming years. About 5 hectares will be earmarked for this. It will be possible to use recreational facilities in the vicinity of forest areas. There will also be a dendrological path where visitors to the area will be able to see the work carried out by foresters.

Zakład Lasów Poznańskich has already begun the search for potential investors interested in the development of unused buildings located on the site of the former plant nursery.

Main photo source: UMP

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