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Poznan. Thirty neonatologists submitted their terminations. The hospital responded to their demands

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Dozens of neonatologists from the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital in Poznań submitted their terminations. The medics do not want the management of the facility to hire them under the contract. Doctors count on an agreement with the authorities of the clinic.

President of the Poznań Trade Union of Neonatologists, Dr. Łukasz Karpiński, MD, informed on Thursday that on June 30, a group of about 30 neonatologists from two departments of the hospital at ul. Polna folded termination of employment contracts. “In accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code, until September 30 this year the team works in the current system, ensuring the safety of healthy and sick children” – he stressed. He added that the submitted statements are a “desperate step”, and doctors hope that thanks to this “the management of GPSK in Poznań will gain additional arguments and undertake intensive talks with representatives of the authorities.”


They want changes in the work system

Karpiński explained that since the spring, doctors have been negotiating with the management of the facility, which is to change the form of employing medics. – There are attempts to change the employment model in our hospital to the contract model, which we perceive as a danger for our team – he said. He admitted that employing neonatologists on a contract could potentially reduce their salaries. He added that medics expect the management to increase their salaries. He pointed out that individual doctors are beginning to leave the team of neonatologists working in the hospital due to better employment conditions in other institutions. Karpiński pointed out that attempts to hire doctors under contracts are to be translated by the management of the facility through the need for savings. – We do not want it to be done at the expense of the staff and the quality of care – he emphasized.

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He also assessed that both sides of the dispute still had time to negotiate, and the medics were ready to talk to the management of the facility.

“The shortages of specialists in the field of neonatology concern the whole of Poland”

In a letter to the media, neonatologists from the hospital at ul. Polna emphasized that the training of a high-class specialist who can work independently in a third-level center requires a lot of work and resources. They indicated that the GPSK in Poznań, as a hospital with the highest level of referentiality, provides highly specialized care for an increasing number of newborns born many weeks before the planned delivery date, newborns with congenital malformations and other severe pathology, requiring hospitalization in the neonatal intensive care unit.

Doctors drew attention to the growing shortage of medical staff, especially in neonatal departments. According to medics, currently, for young doctors, specialization in neonatology is not an attractive career path. “The effort put into education in this direction, although it gives a lot of satisfaction, is not related to the prospects of professional development analogous to those that occur in the case of choosing a different specialization. neonatology concerns all of Poland “- stated in the press release.

Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital in PoznańTVN24

They asked for support from the minister of health, voivode, marshal and head of the National Health Fund

The medics assessed that employing doctors under contracts may divide the permanent team of specialists into groups of doctors selected depending on the contract, who will also work in other neonatal departments. “Work based on a contract system may be a threat to the safety of patients, a threat not resulting from the ill will of doctors, but the work organization system. It should be noted that neonatologists currently employed at the Clinic work over 200 hours a month in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and other departments. pathology and physiology of the newborn “- indicated in the release. It was also reported that around 150 newborns are hospitalized throughout the hospital. Doctors appealed for support, among others to the Minister of Health, the Greater Poland Voivode, the Marshal of the Greater Poland Voivodeship and the head of the Greater Poland branch NHF.

“Three out of four postulates were immediately met”

Directorate of the Gynecology and Obstetrics Clinical Hospital of the Medical University of Karol Marcinkowski in Poznań, issued a statement on the case of neonatologists on Friday. It emphasized that the management of the facility had been conducting intensive talks with the neonatology trade union since April 25. “Three of the four demands of the union were immediately met. The fourth conclusion, concerning the excessively high financial demands, is impossible to meet today” – it was noted. “Appreciating the top-class professionalism and commitment of our neonatologists, we would like to meet the financial expectations of these employees, but accepting the demands that exceed many times the rates of other specialists employed in our hospital will be unfair, immoral and will lead to immediate insolvency of the hospital. Expected increases to amounts exceeding PLN 45,000 gross per month. for a single neonatologist (PLN 18.5 million per year), they will result in the closure of the hospital on Polna Street, “the statement emphasized. The hospital authorities also informed that the current salaries of 29 neonatologists consume a quarter of all the money that the National Health Fund gives for neonatology. It was also indicated that the average earnings of a physician of this specialization in GPSK reach 23,000. PLN gross monthly. “In the course of the negotiations, neonatologists were offered a 24% salary increase. The proposal was rejected by the union as insulting,” the statement said. It was added that, as an alternative solution, the management of the GPSK offered medics to conclude a contract for three months with a full guarantee of return to the employment contract in order to have time for further talks.

It is the largest such hospital in PolandTVN24

The management also referred to the issue of employing doctors on contracts. The communiqué indicated that nowadays it is a very common form, because it is cheaper for the employer. “Especially when we are talking about employees covered by the second tax bracket. Neonatologists in Polna are the only professional group remaining on employment contracts, although the same specialists in other regions of the country and other university centers have been working on contracts for years” – added.

The management of the facility also informed that, regardless of the financial demands of the neonatology trade union, it negotiates the valorization of procedures in the field of neonatology with all institutions responsible for the valuation of services.

The largest such hospital in Poland

In the hospital at ul. Polna, which is the largest facility of this type in Poland, each year receives about 7,000. childbirths. About 200 of the most complex surgical procedures are performed in the Neonatology Clinic. In neonatal wards at the facility at ul. Polna Street employs over 200 people: nurses and midwives, speech therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists and other specialists.

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