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Poznań. “Unruly goats” returned after “the longest absence in this century”

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They sometimes refused to obey, but this was their “longest absence at this age”. It was not without special “treatment” in Puszczykowo near Poznań, a former popular summer resort. After a few weeks, the symbol of Poznań returned to the town hall tower. Employees of the Poznań City Museum say that now they can “sleep peacefully”, and the tower clockmaker reveals how he “persuaded” the goats to butt again.

The failure of the goats from the city hall tower in Poznań has been repaired. – I can announce that most likely the goats, which we recently renamed donkeys, i.e. stubborn creatures, are returning to their function – joked Tomasz Łęcki, director of the Poznań City Museum, during the conference.

“Goats are unruly and we all know it”

The employees of the institution that looks after the goats did not hide their joy at the fact that the symbol of Poznań was back in its place and would once again delight tourists and residents. – It seems that the threat of hailstorms, floods and road accidents did not arouse such broad interest in the public opinion as the lack of goats on the town hall tower. (…) But speaking completely seriously, sometimes such a lack confirms the value. And we are convinced that we cannot depreciate this symbol of Poznań. Because despite posting messages, we felt that this lack was simply painful – Łęcki explained.

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It was hard not to notice the goats' several-week absence. – This is their longest absence at this age – said Magdalena Mrugalska-Banaszak, head of the museum's branch in the town hall, adding: – The goats are unruly and we all know that. They live their own lives and have no intention of listening to us at all. (…) They had never traveled outside of Poznań for treatment before, and now they were spending time in the summer resort of Puszczykowo. I hope they are now safe and sound, and we won't have sleepless nights.

“It was probably the most difficult and responsible job”

Let us recall that the mechanism failed in May. It was then that during one of the shows the goats appeared to the tourists and froze. They had to spend the night outside. It turned out that the failure was more serious than expected: one guide broke, and the other was so worn out that it was necessary to repair both. It was necessary to dismantle the entire mechanism.

This difficult task was entrusted to the tower clockmaker Krzysztof Kurek, who has been taking care of the symbol of Poznań for four years. He first encountered the goats when he was 15.

– At that time, my master Piotr Mikołajczak was taking care of the goats. I knew the previous mechanism, and I've known the new one for four years. It was probably the most difficult and responsible job, because I know how many people are waiting for the goats to return to the tower – he said during the conference.

It is known that two tests were carried out before the official Tuesday show of the goats. Both were successful. Kurek recalled that the mechanism he was repairing was created over 30 years ago on the initiative of a Poznań businessman and philanthropist Marian Marcinkowski.

– It was designed by a team of engineers led by Professor Krajewski from the Poznań University of Technology. As such, the mechanism is unique and completely unrepeatable. Many theoretical solutions characteristic of machine construction were used there. The mechanism worked for 32 years and made 140 thousand bends alone, which, as we know in mechanics, can cause irreversible damage. That is why the trestles failed in May. The guide, which causes the trestle to bend and return to its initial position, broke. We repaired it, but it turned out that this was only the beginning. The trestles were dismantled and cleaned. I also replaced the bearings, which act as various rollers – explained the watchmaker.

They butt each other like before

The symbol of the city will operate as it did before the failure. The schedule of the goat-rushing remains unchanged. Tourists can expect the goats in the Old Market Square every day at noon and at 3 p.m.

The goat clock first appeared in the town hall in Poznań in 1551.

Main image source: TVN24

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