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Poznań, Wolne Tory: The guards escorted a couple of seniors to the hospital

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An elderly couple came to Poznań for a doctor’s consultation. However, they could not reach – they got lost. Looking for a way, they stopped in a forbidden place, which was noticed by city guards. Thanks to their intervention, the couple got there.

An unusual intervention took place on Tuesday at Wolne Tory Street in Poznań, near the Main Railway Station.

– After 10 am, the officers noticed a passenger car parked in a forbidden place – explains Przemysław Piwecki, spokesman of the Poznań city guard.


As he admits, drivers frequently leave incorrectly parked cars in this area, and guards often intervene there. This time, however, the situation was slightly different. – There were two elderly people in the vehicle, married people, very upset. It turned out that they had to get to the hospital at Szamarzewskiego Street for an urgent medical consultation, but they didn’t know how to get there. When entering Poznań, they probably got the wrong roads and got lost – explains Piwecki.

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Navigating in a police car

The guards initially tried to explain to them how to get to Szamarzewskiego Street. However, it was not easy – the couple did not know the city and the rangers did not manage to activate the navigation on their phone.

Then the guards decided that the couple should follow the police car to the place.

– A dozen or so minutes later, escorted by guards, the spouses safely reached the hospital – concludes Piwecki.

Main photo source: Municipal Police in Poznań

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