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PPK in the government. Ministers avoid answering whether they are saving for retirement

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The government actively encourages Poles to save under Employee Capital Plans. The daily “Fakt” checked what example Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki himself and his ministers set here, and who of the rulers joined the program. Such information is in vain to be found in asset declarations, and most ministries avoid providing all answers to questions asked on this matter.

As we read in the article, “Fakt” sent a request to all ministers to answer the question of whether the head of the ministry joined the PPK, and if so – what amount he managed to save there. Journalists sent similar questions to the prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki through the Prime Minister’s Office.

According to journalists, “for two weeks both the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and most ministries have been avoiding answering the questions asked.” “Fact” therefore began to analyze the last available asset declarations, i.e. those for 2021.

PPK in the government. Ministers avoid answering

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Of the ministers, only the boss admits to participating in the program health ministry Adam NiedzielskiDeputy Minister of Finance Piotr Patkowski and Deputy Minister in the Chancellery of the Prime Minister Jaroslaw Wenderlich. They entered in the statements exactly what amounts they managed to save. The head of the Ministry of Health collected 5 thousand. PLN 749, Piotr Patkowski – 4 thousand. PLN 350 69 gr, Jarosław Wenderlich – 3 thousand. PLN 972 66 gr. However, we did not find information on savings in PPK in Prime Minister Morawiecki’s asset declaration. Nor did Minister Buda, who encouraged joining the program a few weeks ago from the parliamentary rostrum, “- we read in the article.

“What about the other ministers? The Ministry of Funds admits that the minister Grzegorz Puda joined the PPK, but only in 2022. The Ministry of Sport argues that Kamil Bortniczuk joined the PPK. How much did he collect? Secret “- wrote the publication. Dziennik “Fakt” quotes the ministry’s answer, according to which “contributions to PPK do not constitute income within the meaning of the Act of August 21, 1997 on limiting running a business by persons performing public functions, therefore they are not shown in the asset declaration.

Recently, the Minister of Finance has been participating in the program Magdalena Rzeczkowska. “Last year’s asset declaration of the Minister of Finance, Magdalena Rzeczkowska, does not contain information about participation in the PPK, because on the date of submitting this declaration, the minister was not yet a member of the PPK. We would like to remind you that the PPK Act does not cover, among others, officers of the uniformed services. Rzeczkowska uses PPK and is an advocate of saving in this program, “the officials provide in response to “Fact”.

The Ministry of Climate informed, however, that “the Ministry of Climate and Environment is not competent to answer the questions asked” and that the correctness of the property declarations submitted by the minister Anna of Moscow controls CBA. Szymon Huptyś, spokesman for the Ministry of Infrastructure, replied that the issues “Fakt” asked “do not constitute public information”.

Two ministers resigned

“Fact” reports that only two ministries openly admitted that their ministers did not join the PPK – it is about Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk and Zbigniew Rau, the head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “In fact, in order to join the PPK, they would have to declare their participation in the program themselves – these rules apply to employees aged 55-70. In addition, Henryk Kowalczyk is already receiving a pension from ZUS” – we read.

Main photo source: Krystian Maj/KPRM

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