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Praga Północ, Kawęczyńska. They noticed a group of people in a hotel that had been abandoned for years

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City guards and police officers intervened on the premises of a former hotel at Kawęczyńska Street in Praga Północ. A group of people have been spotted there, and entry to this abandoned building is prohibited.

On Friday, March 15, a quarter before 5 p.m., city guards intervened at 12 Kawęczyńska Street. There is a building there marked with “Legal protected monument” plates and closed to outsiders.

“During the inspection of the property, however, the guards noticed that the security net had been cut in one of the places. It was possible to get to the building by climbing the tree growing next to it or through the window on the first floor, under which a pile of items was placed. While standing there, the guards noticed some people in the window “- we read in a statement from the Warsaw City Guard.

The police were called to the scene. Several minutes later, the officers climbed onto the pile of bulkheads and asked the people inside to leave the building. Five teenagers climbed out the window. “They are all students of Warsaw high schools. The entire group was handed over to the police,” city guards reported.

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There were schools, a prison and a hotel here

The luxurious building at Kawęczyńska 12 initially belonged to the Jewish Datyner family, which intended to run a production business there, but it went bankrupt. Even before the outbreak of World War II, the facility was auctioned. The new owner – Halina Roesner – created the so-called junior high school there. Trammen's School, and in 1938, the high school named after Maria Skłodowska-Curie. The building survived the war.

After the occupation of Prague in September 1944, the Red Army located the War Tribunal and the prosecutor's office there. Cells for prisoners have survived to this day in the basement, as evidenced by doors with peepholes. After the end of the war, the first girls' high school in Praga was located there, and from the late 1950s there was a hotel there for the Volunteer Labor Corps. The building has not been used for several years.

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Main photo source: City guard in Warsaw

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