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Praga Południe. He stole a sachet from a supermarket. They got on his trail because he parked the car wrong

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The 41-year-old admitted that he had stolen a sachet with documents, telephone and money from a client of one of the hypermarkets in Warsaw. Uniforms found his trail when they received a report about an improperly parked car and associated that exactly such a vehicle was used by the suspected theft in a hypermarket.

It started with a theft in one of Warsaw’s hypermarkets. The police received a report about a man who stole a sachet from one of the clients, in which there were documents, a telephone and money.

The case of the theft was investigated by the police of the Department for combating crime against property.

The 41-year-old faces up to five years’ imprisonment District Police Headquarters in Warsaw VII

Exactly the same car the suspect was driving

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– The operational information obtained by them – including the data of the vehicle in which the suspect was driving – was transferred to the policemen serving in the field – says Commissioner Joanna Węgrzyniak from the Warsaw VII District Police Headquarters.

The car was found a few days ago, after a resident called the emergency number, who reported that there was an incorrectly parked car on the sidewalk.

He confessed to stealing and receiving stolen goodsDistrict Police Headquarters in Warsaw VII

– The district attendant and the patrols who undertook this intervention immediately recognized that this is exactly the car used by the suspect in the theft in a hypermarket – the policewoman points out.

Stolen alcohol, clothes and perfumes were also found in the car

The services were informed about everything and took action. Soon after, in a nearby hostel, policemen detained a 41-year-old Georgian citizen who confessed to theft. All items have been recovered, except cash.

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In addition, during the search of the car, the officers found alcohol, clothes and perfumes, which – as they found – were also stolen. The 41-year-old confirmed that when he bought the goods, he knew it was stolen.

– On the basis of the evidence gathered by the investigators of the property department, the detainee heard two charges, theft and stolen goods. He faces up to five years in prison – informs nadkom. Węgrzyniak.

The proceedings in this case are supervised by the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warszawa Praga-Południe

Main photo source: District Police Headquarters in Warsaw VII

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