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Pre-trial detentions. For a day, my parents could not see the detained 17-year-old

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On Thursday, in front of the District Court in Warsaw, a demonstration was held, the participants of which expressed their solidarity with the activist arrested on October 26 during one of the women’s strikes.

Protesters blocked the stairs leading to the Court. There were also several scuffles with police. In an interview with PAP, a spokesman for the Warsaw Police Headquarters Nadkom. Sylwester Marczak said that the officers detained three people who violated the bodily integrity of the police.

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Protest in front of SO in Warsaw. Among the detainees was 17-year-old Janek

Among the detainees was 17-year-old Janek. The police intervention was recorded on the following video shared by Magdalena Suska, whose daughter appeared in front of the SO building. The movie shows a boy wearing an orange jacket running out of the crowd and later knocked to the ground by the police. According to OnetJust before the arrest, Janek participated in the blockade of the Pro – Right to Life Foundation truck.

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– It happened around 2 pm. From the testimonies of witnesses I know that they were standing in a larger group when the policemen started to write them down, and at some point they pointed towards where Janek was standing and started running towards the youth. Some of the children escaped to the left, my son to the right, the policemen ran to him, threw him on the ground and stopped him. I think it’s pure coincidence, maybe because he has a yellow jacket, or maybe he just ran the wrong way – he said in an interview with TVN24 Marek Radziwon, the boy’s father.

The parents first went to the police station at ul. Żytnia, and after a few hours they found out that their child was taken to the police station at ul. Żeromski. Janek spent the night in police custody, but his parents did not receive any information as to exactly.

The senator notifies the prosecutor’s office about the police intervention before the court

– We did not know where he was yesterday evening and where he stayed overnight. In my opinion, he was simply kidnapped – says Radziwon.

“We have not known what is happening with our baby for a day”

On Friday, the boy came to a police station in Praga, from where he was to be transported to Wola. Janek’s father announced on TVN24 that further activities with the participation of his son are to be carried out prosecutors Office. Perhaps police surveillance will be applied.

We learned that there are to be further steps with the prosecutor. Perhaps police supervision will be applied.

– Janek is 17 years old and we thought that we would be able to see him. We know that the police have no such obligation, but they could have made it possible to see. On Thursday only your lawyer saw Janek. It took maybe 30-40 seconds. The phone was taken from him, of course. So, we don’t know what is happening with our baby for 24 hours. There is simply “no child” – explained Radziwon. He added that the recordings he received from the protesters show that Janek was not behaving aggressively or attacking a policeman.

The KSP spokesman claims that the reason for the detention was the behavior of a teenager who was to violate the inviolability of the officers, thus committing a crime. Marczak also emphasized that in accordance with the law, a 17-year-old will be responsible for his actions as an adult.


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