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Pregnancy register and signature of Minister Niedzielski. Barbara Nowacka and Urszula Pasławska comment

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The minister of health signed a controversial regulation which, according to the opposition, aims to create a “pregnancy register”. – Why such regulations, why at this point? – Urszula Pasławska, a member of the PSL, asked in “Kropka nad i”. Barbara Nowacka from the Civic Coalition expressed her concern that the new regulations would mean that women “may be accused of having abortions when they have a miscarriage”. – And then we hear that this is demographic policy – she added.

Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski On Friday, he signed an ordinance according to which the catalog of data collected by medical staff was expanded to include allergies, blood type and pregnancy, among others. The draft of these changes aroused great controversy from the very beginning, according to the opposition and some social organizations, the purpose of the ordinance is to create a “pregnancy register”.

Urszula Pasławska and Barbara Nowacka, MP from the Civic Coalition, responded to this matter on Tuesday in “Kropka nad i”.

Pasławska on millions of women “invisible to the system”

– I am asking myself why such regulations are needed, why at this point? The answer is probably unequivocal: the old bachelor has old methods – whenever there is a problem, he distracts attention by throwing in an ideological or anti-woman topic – commented Urszula Pasławska.

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As she added, “this time the lifebuoy was given to him by Minister Niedzielski, who absolutely does not understand what women mean, absolutely does not know what is happening when it comes to medicine and women’s support”.

– Today, women in the countryside do not have access to a gynecologist. Three million women in Poland do not see a gynecologist. There have been studies which show that in the Mazowieckie, Podlaskie and Lubelskie voivodships, 70 percent of communes do not have a gynecological office. These are problems that are important to women and in this way women who are invisible to the system should be supported, said the PSL MP.

She mentioned that “millions of women who are not seen by the system today are women who are trying to conceive and do not have money for IVF, women after miscarriages, women without gynecological help, women invisible to the labor market.” “These are challenges today that we need to address, not distractions,” she said.

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Nowacka: girls can be accused of having abortions when they miscarry

– This is again an attempt to control, and at this crucial moment in life – assessed Barbara Nowacka. – In a normal country, we would also be concerned, why are the rulers collecting more of our very personal data. Data collection by the state is starting to raise doubts. In a country where you (Minister of Justice and Prosecutor General, Zbigniew – ed.), Ziobro, and through him various fanatical organizations, will make many young women not go to a gynecologist, assessed the member of the Civic Coalition.

As she said, “girls can be accused of having abortions when they miscarry.” In her opinion, they will simply “be afraid”. – And then we hear that this is demographic policy – she added.

Nowacka: girls can be accused of having abortions when they miscarry

Nowacka: girls can be accused of having abortions when they miscarryTVN24

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