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President Andrzej Duda – asset declaration for 2022 [Wynagrodzenie, oszczędności, nieruchomości]

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The statement of assets of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda for 2022 has been published on the website of the Supreme Court. It shows that the president has accumulated about PLN 150,000 in savings in his bank account. He is also the owner of the apartment. Compared to the previous year, both the president’s earnings and savings increased.

President’s declaration of assets Andrzej Duda for 2022 was submitted on March 31, 2023 (as at the end of 2022). The President submits a declaration of assets to the 1st President of the Supreme Court and it is restricted – however, the President may consent to the publication of the declaration.

Declaration of assets of President Andrzej Duda

In 2022, Andrzej Duda received a gross salary of PLN 367,668.82 for his office. This is more than a year earlier, when it earned about 282,000. PLN gross.

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The savings of the head of state also increased. The president has accumulated 150,000 in bank accounts. zlotys (co-ownership) and EUR 200. A year ago it was 30,000. zlotys and 100 euros.

In the statement for 2022, Andrzej Duda did not show the shares he had a year earlier – it is about 446 shares of Skotan, listed on the Stock Exchange, worth about PLN 60,000. zloty. However, he indicated approx. 53 thousand. PLN accumulated in the third pillar (in 2021 it was PLN 29 thousand).

Real estate and liabilities of President Andrzej Duda

Andrzej Duda’s real estate is an undeveloped plot of land with an area of ​​325 square meters (separate property) and a residential unit with an area of ​​132.68 square meters with a garage with an area of ​​19.42 square meters (co-ownership).

In 2021, the president still owned a 79-square-metre cooperative apartment (co-ownership). In the statement for 2022, he informed about the preliminary agreement for the sale of an apartment with the deadline for concluding the final agreement by February 28, 2023 and the advance payment received in the amount of PLN 86,000. zloty.

Among the commitments, the president also entered a credit card account for the amount up to the limit of PLN 20,000. PLN (no debt) and a mortgage loan for PLN 497 thousand. PLN, with 385 thousand to be repaid. zloty.

The president did not enter a car or any other movables whose value exceeds PLN 10,000.

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Main photo source: Leszek Szymanski/PAP

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